Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UK PM agrees to Labour's unrest inquiry

Source: Press TV

Prime Minister David Cameron has agreed to Labor's demands for a public inquiry into the recent unrests that swept across England after behind-the-scenes cross-party discussions.

According to sources close to the government, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg acted as an agent between the Tories and Labor leading them into a commission that would go into the neighborhoods which were affected by recent unrest to inquire what were the underlying causes of the disorder.

Cameron had formerly rejected an immediate public inquiry, insisting that the inquiries, which are carried by the parliamentary select committee were sufficient. But the government has now demonstrated its intention to a "public engagement exercise,” with an “independent chair,” to highlight the roots of the widespread violence.

A No 10 source said: "We are coming to the view that there is a case for community engagement about what happened and why. It would involve getting someone to go into the communities and find out why this all happened. It would be likely that it would be chaired by someone outside government. We're coming to the view that some sort of engagement exercise would be useful."

Labor leader Ed Miliband asked for a commission of inquiry "not so a bunch of academics can sit in Whitehall, but so the good, decent people of Tottenham who hated what happened to their community get their voice heard.”

He called on the Prime Minister to accept the public inquiry before everything dissipates and the dust settles, and stressed that the Labor party would establish such inquiry if the coalition government failed to notice the importance of the move.

Addressing the government, Miliband said: "You should have nothing to fear from the truth."

Cameron blames irresponsibility, selfishness and absent fathers for the recent unrests in his country, he considered the spate of disorder as a "wake-up call for our country,” and said there had been a "slow-motion moral collapse" in the UK.

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