Friday, August 5, 2011

'Gaddafi's son killed in NATO airstrike'

Source: Press TV

Libyan revolutionary forces claim that one of the sons of the country's ruler Muammar Gaddafi has been killed in an airstrike by NATO warplanes in the western town of Zlitan.

"Overnight there was an aircraft attack by NATO on the Gaddafi operations room in Zlitan and there are around 32 Gaddafi troops killed. One of them is Khamis," said Mohammed Zawawi, a spokesman for the Libyan United Revolutionary Forces.

Zawawi said he got the information from spies planted among Gaddafi ranks.

Khamis has led pro-Gaddafi militia groups in Zlitan for a long time and has commanded the battle in the western town to stop revolutionary forces from advancing towards Gaddafi's stronghold in the capital Tripoli, the fighters said.

Earlier this week, fighters in Misratah, 60 kilometers (37 miles) to the east of Zlitan, announced they had advanced in the western town. Libyan government quickly denied the claim, saying the town was in their full control.

Ten explosions rocked the southeastern suburb of Khellat al-Ferjan in Tripoli early Friday.

Since NATO took over command of air strikes on March 31, its aircraft have conducted 17,566 sorties, including 6,648 strike sorties, according to a Reuters report published on August 3.

NATO members that have been participating in air strikes in Libya include France, Britain, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, and Italy.

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