Tuesday, January 3, 2012

West scrambling to divide China: Hu

Chinese President Hu Jintao

Source: Press TV

Chinese President Hu Jintao has warned against efforts by the Western countries to “westernize and divide” China through “cultural warfare.”

"Hostile international powers are strengthening their efforts to westernize and divide us," Hu said in an article published on the latest edition of the ruling Communist Party's magazine on Monday.

President Hu urged China's Communist Party to meet the "growing spiritual and cultural demands of the people" in a bid to fight the "hostile international powers."

"We must be aware of the seriousness and complexity of the struggles and take powerful measures to prevent and deal with them," the Chinese leader warned.

He also accused the West of using its international culture to target China's "ideological and cultural fields.”

Hu's warning comes as Western cultural events such as the Valentine's Day are growing in popularity among the Chinese.

In an effort to counter the Western media propaganda, China has allocated a 45-billion-yuan (£4 billion) budget to expand its overseas media, including the US and UK edition of the state-run China Daily, the state news agency Xinhua and China Central Television's (CCTV).

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  1. That is very odd, because the recent broadcasts of CCTV news have been from a Western propaganda perspective. When an open minded person is awake, they can see the bull from both sides of the coin. I think the people who run China are in league with the USA and are just talking as if they are against the moves by Washington. The proof is in this CCTV news link from Dec29th, 2011. The report is very one sided against The Syrian leadership and also against Iran.

    Iran-US, Syria Observers, DPRK Farewell, China Train Crash Report

    Of course, when the CFR companies pour all their wealth into a Nation that also brutalizes its people for speaking out, I'm not surprised at the deception. Actions speak louder than words, and when you abstained from protecting Libya in the UN, you caught the eyes of the Alternative media...What Is China's game? Were you promised the New World Order? It would seem so...who’s side are you on? The side of Truth, Justice and Freedom of the people, or dictatorship, fascism, greed and the Western Oligarchy?

    Actions speak louder than words and you will be judged by the 3rd party in waiting.


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