Sunday, January 8, 2012

'US rebreeding dogs of war on Iran'

Source: Press TV

The US is trying to “recalibrate a comprehensive plan to topple the Islamic government of Iran” as it is to be understood from Washington's efforts to redefine its war in Iraq and its push to disintegrate the Syrian regime, a political expert tells Press TV.

Ismail Salami, author and Middle East expert, wrote in an article published on Press TV on Friday that the recent massacres in Iraq and Syria indicated that “Washington has adamantly trodden on a path” to reengineer its war plan on Iran.

On December 22, 2011, multiple bomb explosions happened simultaneously in Baghdad, claiming the lives of tens of innocent civilians. Another series of explosions targeted Shia Muslim pilgrims across Iraq on January 6, killing at least 71 people.

“Most of the explosions which targeted the Shia Muslims are maliciously meant to inspire the feeling and doubt that it is a matter of sectarian violence, a plot devised by the US and its allies to justify that the Iraqi politicians are intent to provoke a 'communal bloodletting' which is gradually tearing the country asunder,” Salami noted.

He said that, having applied the disingenuous means, Washington was taking advantage of the tension in the country to send a message that the Iraqi government was not capable of maintaining the country's security and stability.

The Iranian author said the US fostering chaos in Iraq was, among other things, motivated by its desire “to devolve the war it lost to the care of the Saudi-backed Wahhabis, al-Qaeda members and Baathists who intensely champion and practice extremism, fanaticism and terrorism to the best interests of Washington. The pernicious trio, who work under the aegis of the CIA and Mossad, help tilt the scale in favor of insecurity, instability and division in the strategic Middle East region.”

He then mentioned two recent terrorist attacks in Syria and said, “In parallel with the same fiendish practice, Washington has hired Saudi-funded mercenaries to orchestrate a selfsame scenario with more devastating consequences in Syria e.g. the toppling of the popular anti-Israeli government, eliminating one of the main Iranian allies and muscularizing the Zionist regime in the region.”

On Friday, January 6, an unknown attacker detonated explosives at a traffic light in the densely-populated neighborhood of al-Midan in the Syrian capital, Damascus, killing at least 25 people, mostly civilians, and injuring dozens of others. Another terrorist attack of this nature had happened about two weeks ago, when two bombings killed at least 44 people outside Syrian intelligence buildings.

The Iranian expert argued that the United States had enough reason to fuel violence in Syria since Arab League observers have announced that there is nothing 'frightening' in the western Syria city of Homs, which had been reported to be the scene of extreme brutality allegedly waged by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's security forces.

He further reminded that the current popular uprisings against US-installed rulers have reduced the influence and power of Washington and Tel Aviv in the region.

“The truth is that the US is already destabilizing the Middle East region single-handedly and conducing to a regional crisis.”

He clarified that Washington was, meanwhile, trying to downplay the “constructive and peaceful role” played by Iran in the region and pin all the blame for the region's insecurity on the Islamic Republic.

Taking into account the United States concurrent and increasing warlike rhetoric against Iran and unrelenting efforts to demonize Tehran, particularly over its civilian nuclear program, it is clear that the hawks in the White House “have no intention other than launching a military strike against the country and consequently turning the Middle East into a graveyard and reaping the benefit of their ill intentions,” Salami asserted.

“Violence breeds violence. With crisis brewing in the region, Washington will be better able to fish in troubled waters, fulfill their long-cherished dream of exercising control over the Middle East by eliminating Iran which still stands tall in the face of threats,” the Iranian political analyst stated.

“Iran is not Afghanistan; nor is it Iraq. Iran is a country with a super powerful military, many aspects of which are not yet known to Washington. So, the US hawks had better think twice before putting their diabolically expansionist plans into practice or else they will soon realize on what miscalculated, misguided, and misinterpreted grounds they had built their presumptions about Iran.”

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