Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is your last chance, Rise-Up or perish under the boots of Tyranny

Israel wants to start World War III

By: Stewart Brennan

We are at a point in time where all good men and women will have to stand up against the establishment and its evil controls or perish under the boots of tyranny. In many ways, today is like being in 1939 Germany, only this time, fascism has grown throughout the bankrupt Western Nations, and the people being persecuted are those opposing the crimes of US, UK, NATO partners, and Israel.

The recent political and military actions by most NATO countries today has put half the World into turmoil by war, planned insurrection, the support of brutal dictatorships and put the rest of the World on a terrorist watch list.

Today, it’s against the law to speak out against Israel or any Western nation that supports Israel because doing so would brand you a terrorist. The new laws in place allow your government(s) to kidnap you, imprison you, torture you and then murder you. They are allowed to act on someone’s accusations without any proof. Today, if someone doesn’t like what you say, you can be murdered by presidential decree. You no longer have the right to defend yourself or face your accusers in a court of law. So I ask you, is this the world that you want? Would you blindly support your leaders that have become puppets to a ruthless nation that is bent on the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population in Palestine? Would you go to war against Iran, after these same western terrorists destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya...on the basis of lies?

If you don’t know the truth about what goes on in the World, you better get wise because Israel, Britain and the US will start a war with Iran that threatens to envelop the entire World. Western political leaders do the bidding of foreign lobby groups to legislate your rights away, silence you, and stop you from fighting back. If you persist, they make your life miserable, and if you still persist, they take you out permanently. They've already made a preliminary list of alleged trouble makers they want killed. One of my friends is on that list!!!

Read The Bill: H.R. 3131 -

The NATO countries and their ruling class are morally and economically bankrupt, and have turned the World upside down in their bid to maintain control by allowing Israel to get away with evils that were deemed crimes against the peace of the World at the Nuremberg Trials after World War 2.

The attached video shows the hypocrisy of the Western nations as they have allowed successive Zionist regimes to get away with crimes against humanity. The International Criminal Court of Justice has not taken action against Israel, the US or UK for their War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya because they control the United Nations Security Council. So where is the justice? What right do the western leaders have to declare freedom and democracy? It’s BULLSHIT!!

Speaking truth to lies and standing up for what is right are considered terrorist acts by those currently in power and by those who crave the seats of power. To lead a western nation one must grovel to Zionist lobby groups that are controlled from Israel in order to win those seats of power.

Elections in all western Nations are a farce when all the candidates presented represent Zionist ambitions. It’s pure treason of the highest sort! There is no democracy when all parties are bought and paid for by the Zionist lobby groups. AND, when a real candidate comes along that threatens the status quo, special voting machines or organizations are hired to make sure the vote count comes out in favor of the Zionist candidate like we saw in Iowa recently. That is why most countries have eliminated or are planning on eliminating the paper ballot. The paper ballot system is traceable, and makes it very difficult to cheat. However, if a paper ballot is used, you can be sure that some influential group with ties to Zionist lobby money will count the votes and throw the election in their favor.

All the Zionist political candidates support and recommend going to war with Iran based on LIES and will support any criminal laws that infringe on your ability to stop them. Thanks to these western Zionist politicians and lobby groups your freedom of speech on the Internet will be gone very soon. When you combine the new Orwelian laws made to take you away, imprison you, allow torture, and assassination, you can blame Zionism. This is what supporting Israel at any cost means. It means whoever speaks out against the way Israel conducts itself regardless of where they live are considered enemies of all the OECD nations. My speaking out in this post will probably disqualify me from many things in the monetary world but I don’t care because I cannot compromise my human principals, or morals of truth honesty, justice and respect in exchange for the Zionist one of murder, rape, torture, and ethnic cleansing. To me that is an Obama-nation.

The Western nations are controlled by an evil that is so paranoid, vicious and blood thirsty that it would destroy the World rather than commit to peace. Nations like that, and all that follow or support it and its heinous crimes, are doomed to failure because they have no empathy for life. The lack of empathy is the very definition of evil and it is very plain to see who's responsible for committing atrocities since the end of the second World War. Make no mistake Zionism its supporters and its money are pure evil.

Any country that occupies another country by shear military strength and superiority will always declare that those fighting against occupation are terrorists. This was true with England’s occupation of Ireland, Germany’s occupation of France, and Israel’s current occupation of Palestine.

Human morals and practices come from spiritual or religious belief, and are the foundations of civilization. There is no room for occupation, torture, murder, war, and ethnic cleansing. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all preach good moral values so it is not a crisis of religion that we have in the Holy Land it is a crisis of morality. Zionism is political not religious. In fact Zionism is a national socialist regime much the same as Nazi Germany was and if you ask a person that follows Judaism, they will agree.

I was brought up with Christian beliefs but I have learned over the years that ALL religions or spiritual ways have something to offer and so acceptance of all is important in the quest for who I am and the meaning of life.

There are groups today that call themselves Christian Zionists and back Israel no matter what they do, even if it means the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. That is not Christian belief, that is an evil twisted belief. Thou shalt not kill and love your neighbor are the morals that real Christians believe.

I consider the monetary system the root of all evil, which then begs the question, who, what and where does this money trail lead to? Wealth and the power from it are what corrupts all the nations of the earth…and who enables the corruption? One need only to follow the money trail to find the evil. It grows like a sickening vein pumping its disease into the greedy and powerful while promising kingdoms on earth to those that embrace it. One must serve the money changers to get ahead. If you want to find who and what runs the planet, follow the money.

The World has been turned upside down and requires your assistance to right all the wrongs done to the people of other nations. Don’t wait around for governments to make the changes needed, because only you and I are capable of making the changes needed to fix all the problems.

Speak truth to power, demand Justice against criminal acts, show Respect to others, and be true to yourself. This is a battle of good verses evil. The good people of the earth show empathy for all life, something that Zionists and their supporters are incapable of.

“What can I do to change things?” Well, would you give up the monetary system and its illusions of power and comfort if you knew that doing so would cure the World of war, disease, famine and poverty?” Will you stand up and take your countries back from the Zionist lobby groups, their money and their political control?

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