Thursday, August 11, 2011

London protests are an insurrection

Source: Press TV

Darcus Howe, 68-year-old West Indian writer and broadcaster, has called the protests in London “insurrection” speaking with a BBC host, Fiona Armstrong.

Howe, who lives in one of the South London suburbs, told the BBC that he is concerned about Mark Duggan, the 29-year-old black man who was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police. When asked what he thought about the recent “riots” by a BBC host, Howe answered they are not “riots” but “an insurrection of the masses.”

The British media has been criticised for the way it reflected the recent events in the country. Much criticism was raised against British media as it sided with police and not even a single protester was interviewed.

Expressing anger over the way British police treat minorities, Howe said: “I have a grandson, he is an angel. Police slapped him up against a wall, and searched him. I asked him the other day, having a sense that something seriously wrong is going on in this country, 'How many times have police searched you?' He said, 'Papa I can't count, there are so many times.'”

Howe asserted that politicians and the British media are not listening to the protesters and are trying to bury their heads in the sand. However, he said, “if you looked at the young blacks and the young whites with a discerning eye and careful hearing, they had been telling us and we would not listen, that what is happening in this country to them.”

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