Sunday, August 7, 2011

In US, 45,000 workers go on strike

Verizon workers strike against concessions on their new contracts

Source: Press TV

Tens of thousands of workers at US telecommunication giant Verizon have gone on a strike after negotiations failed to reach an agreement on new contracts.

The contract that expired on Saturday covered 45,000 workers, including 10,000 electrical workers, who serve as telephone and repair technicians, customer service representatives, operators and more.

Negotiations between the unions and the corporation in Philadelphia and New York stalled on Saturday night after Verizon continued to demand more than 100 concessions on healthcare, pensions, work rules and etc.

Officials with the two unions, Communication Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers refused to accept the concessions.

"Even at the 11th hour, as contracts were set to expire, Verizon continued to seek to strip away 50 years of collective bargaining gains for middle class workers and their families," CWA said in a statement.

The company called the outcome of the unions actions “regrettable” for customers and employees, adding that their services would remain unaffected by the strike.

"Tens of thousands of Verizon managers and other personnel have been trained to step in and perform emergency work assignments," Verizon spokesman Rich Young said.

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