Sunday, August 14, 2011

French upset about public deficit: Poll

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Source: Press TV

A new opinion poll shows that the majority of people in France are worried about the level of the country's public deficit.

The survey conducted by the French polling company, IFOP, said on Saturday that 82 percent of the individuals surveyed were worried about the issue, Reuters reported.

According to the poll, the deficit has gained in importance with 50 percent of respondents calling it a priority since the beginning of 2010, when just over one-third considered it to be among the issues to be dealt with before the April's presidential election in France.

The deficit crisis, however, lagged behind unemployment, health and education as priority issues among voters.

"This massive 14 point increase is obviously linked to the context of the poll and the abundant media coverage that has surrounded this subject," the IFOP said in a statement.

France's debt, which is at around 85 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) this year, stands well above the eurozone's recommended 60 percent.

France, which has a triple-A credit rating, could be next in line for a downgrade following the lowering of the US's rating.

The current economic issue will threaten French President Nicolas Sarkozy's position in the France's upcoming election in 2012.

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