Wednesday, August 10, 2011

British PM shows his iron fist at rioters

Source: Press TV

British Prime Minister, who was forced to cut short of his summer holiday to lead the Cobra meeting over the recent mass riots across Britain, has shown an iron fist to confront the nation-wide violence.

Claiming stronger actions must be applied to quell the violence, David Cameron announced that Parliament will be recalled so we "can stand together in condemnation of these crimes and in determination to rebuild these communities."

While Cameron was speaking after a Cobra meeting, he angrily addressed the rioters, insisting the rioters would soon feel the “full force of the law.”

This is while that Prime Minister has evidently ignored the reason behind the mass violence across Britain. He failed to notice that his government's harsh austerity measures in the past 14 months-- affected the country's public services, jobs, education-- has crippled the lives of majority of the British nationals.

David Cameron's full statement is as following:

“The Metropolitan police commissioner has said compared with the 6,000 police on the streets last night in London, there will be some 16,000 officers tonight.

All leave within the Metropolitan police has been cancelled. There will be aid coming from police forces up and down the country and we will do everything necessary to strengthen and assist those police forces that are meeting this disorder.

There's already been 450 people arrested; we will make sure that court procedures and processes are speeded up and people should expect to see more - many more - arrests in the days to come.

I am determined, the government is determined, that justice will be done and these people will see the consequences of their action.

And I have this very clear message to those people who are responsible for this wrongdoing and criminality: you will feel the full force of the law. If you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the punishments.

And to these people I would say this: you are not only wrecking the lives of others; you are not only wrecking your own communities - you are potentially wrecking your own life too.

My office this morning has spoken to the speaker of the House of Commons and he is agreed that parliament will be recalled for a day on Thursday so I can make make a statement to parliament and we can hold a debate and we are all able to stand together in condemnation of these crimes - and also to stand together in determination to rebuild these communities.

Now if you excuse me there is important work to be done.”

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