Sunday, August 14, 2011

British lose confidence in premier: poll

Source: Press TV

A new survey shows more than half the British public believed the Prime Minister can no longer be trusted to lead the country in the aftermath of recent unrest.

The survey commissioned by ComRes for the daily the Independent found that over half the public have lost confidence in David Cameron's capability to lead the country after the worst unrest in decades rocked some major cities and towns including the capital London.

The poll also found that more than two-thirds of the public are opposed to the government's plans to slash the number of police forces as part of the spending review program to reduce the country's record budget deficit.

Meanwhile, half of those questioned said that they have less confidence in London's ability to host next year's Olympic Games safely.

The poll for The Independent, which was the first comprehensive gauge of public reaction to the unrests, also suggested that as many people blame the government's austerity drive as the cause of the violence as those who blame police tactics.

According to the poll 54 percent of the public believe Cameron has failed to provide the necessary political leadership early enough in response to the mayhem.

The results also showed almost 80 percent of the public believed those found guilty of taking part in the damage on property or looting should face an automatic jail sentence no matter how small their involvement.

A separate poll of business strongmen in London has found that the Mayor of London's popularity among his supporters has been damaged significantly with 29 percent saying they have a less favourable view of the Mayor as a result of the unrest.

Adding to Boris Johnson's concerns, almost 9 percent of the business leaders have said they would reduce investment in London because of the unrest and the police response.

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