Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twin blasts rock Damascus, deadly clashes reported inside army HQ


Image from twitter/@Hsn_Kh

Source: Russia Today

Two large explosions shook the Syrian capital of Damascus, reportedly targeting army command buildings in the heart of the city. The Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for the bombings.

Violent clashes are now on inside the Army Headqurters building, leaving deaths on both sides, AFP reported, quoting the human rights activists.

Syrian state TV alleged that "terrorists" were responsible for the twin explosions in Umayad Square, where the Ministry of Defense is located. The bombings occurred around 7:00am local time (4:00 GMT).

The explosion sparked a fire near the Ministry of Defense building. The Syrian Army Headquarters was also one of the targets of the attack, reports suggested.

On Twitter, witnesses wrote of hearing heavy gunfire near the site of the blasts.

The area around the blast is reportedly still cordoned off, hours after the attack.

The bombings caused only “material damage,” and no military leaders were killed, the Syrian information minister said.

The explosive device may have been planted inside the military complex, the minister added.

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