Friday, September 21, 2012

New Quebec premier scraps tuition hike plan


Quebec Premier Pauline Marois

Source: Press TV

Newly-elected Quebec Premier Pauline Marois has reversed a planned tuition hike that touched off months of violent protests in Canada's French-speaking province.

Marois, who started her job on Thursday, delivered on her electoral pledge to reinstate the USD 2,220 tuition.

“The new government is now in place,” she told reporters after the first cabinet meeting. “I intend to act rapidly to offer results to Quebecers, starting today, Day One of our mandate.”

The former premier, Jean Charest, had planned to increase tuition fees in a bid to make up for the country’s budget deficit.

Marois said she will also cancel the Liberals' controversial anti-protest law, known as Bill 78. The draconian law, whose main objective was to restrict freedom of assembly, criminalizes students’ strike and sets rules for gatherings of more than 50 people, requiring organizers to provide an eight-hour notice of the itinerary and length of the event.

"These two decisions will allow us to return peace to our streets and to reestablish rights and liberties," Marois was quoted as saying.

The new premier’s move drew applause from student groups.

"It's a victory for justice and equality," said Martine Desjardins, president of the FEUQ university student association.

"Together, we have written a chapter in the history of Quebec. Together, we have just proven that we can stand up and reach one of the student movement's greatest victories," he added.

Ahead of elections earlier this month, Marois had said that if her party - Parti Quebecois (PQP) - won and was able to form a new Quebec government, she would call for a referendum on the separation of Quebec from Canada.


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  1. Marois has seized the opportunity to gain a majority govt in the next Provincial election by announcing action on what the majority of people wanted to hear. Repealing the $200.00 fee for health care, ending oil and gas exploration, repealing law 78 that destroys our civil right to protest, & freezing University tuition. If her govt is put to a non-confidence vote on these issues the result will be a majority govt in the next election for the PQ.

    However, let’s not forget who controls any government that holds power. Also, the PQ govt has another side that divides the people where language and self-determination are concerned. They will not show this side until they get the majority that they need. Marois knows the minefield. The question on the minds of English Quebec is how long before laws are enacted that remove their right to language, schools, and services…

    My personal opinion: The Chamber of Commerce is deeply embedded with politics on all sides of the table. They are the hidden animal in Quebec that controls what happens and they will continue to weigh in (dictate) govt policy, which the govt will then follow. The separation issue is a political pendulum that is used by the left right paradyne that governs this province. Money rules & will always do so until there is a real revolution. Ask Marois what the proposed money system is in a new country…


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