Thursday, September 20, 2012

Muslims should boycott US goods to protest offensive film - Iran cmdr.


Pakistani Muslims shout anti-US slogans during a protest against an anti-Islam movie, Karachi, September 19, 2012

Source: Press TV

A senior Iranian military commander has called on Muslim countries to boycott American goods in response to the recent US-made film insulting the prophet of Islam.

“To protest at this blasphemous move, Muslims can boycott American goods and call on their leaders to close the embassies of the US and Israel in their countries,” said Major General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, a senior military adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, IRNA reported Wednesday.

He said that the global hegemony and the enemies of Islam dread the emergence of the Islamic world as a big power and thus resorted to the sacrilegious move in an attempt to mar the image of Islam.

Having realized the great power of the Islamic Awakening and its opposition to the liberal-democracy current, the enemies planned to tarnish the image of Muslims by insulting the prophet of Islam, Rahim-Safavi said.

He added that insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the same as insulting the prophets of all divine religions and added that Muslims will undoubtedly respond to the blasphemous move.

The US-made sacrilegious film has sparked a wave of outrage across the Muslim world, with protesters marching on the US embassies and torching US flags in different countries.

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