Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lebanon army chief to visit Britain?

Source: Press TV

The Lebanese army chief is to pay a visit to London next week, reportedly to discuss reinforcing Lebanese armed forces amid speculations that Britain is plotting to block Lebanon army’s possible moves against Syrian rebels.

The Egyptian Arabic news website Youm7 (the seventh day) reported that General Jean Qahwaji will travel to Britain for the first time next week.

The report said the visit is in line with the British side’s concerted efforts with its European allies to support Lebanese armed forces and prevent the Syrian violence to affect Lebanon.

However, the timing of the visit raises fears that Britain might be setting the stage to protect the London-backed Syrian terrorists against a Lebanese army strike.

Members of the terrorist Free Syrian Army attacked a Lebanese army post on Friday.

After the attack, the Lebanese army confirmed in a statement that the terrorist entered the country’s territory for “the second time in under a week” and pledged not to allow its soil to be used by the parties of conflict in Syria.

“The leadership of the army confirms that it will not allow any party to use Lebanese territory in order to implicate Lebanon in the events of the neighboring countries,” the statement said.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague admitted in August that his country is providing Syrian rebels with “non-lethal support” adding Britain could provide extra support in the form of radio and satellite equipment as well as power generators.

Meanwhile, several media reports published by a range of media outlets from the British Daily Mail to the Israeli military intelligence website DEBKAfile have taken the lid off Britain’s role in fanning the flames of unrest in Syria over the past months.

The reports said Britain is helping Syrian terrorists in all possible forms including tasking Special Air Service (SAS) with training of terrorist leaders while British forces and spy agencies have also set up centers of operation in different Syrian cities including in Homs.

Now Britain claims to have arranged Qahwaji’s visit so that they can discuss London’s help to rebuild the Lebanese army.

That may seem justified by the fact that Lebanon’s government has recently decided to invest £980 million for increasing the country’s military capability and renovating its army in five years.

However, Britain’s record in Syria places a big question mark next to such claims and raise speculations that British officials are rather planning to disrupt Lebanese army’s operations, at least against Syrian terrorists.


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