Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quebec provincial elections to begin

Major candidates for Quebec provincial elections, Coalition Avenir Québec party leader Francois Legault (L) Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois, incumbent premier Jean Charest (R)

Source: Press TV

Voters in Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec will cast their ballots in provincial elections, with a separatist party looking to return to power.

Voters in Quebec will head to the polls on Tuesday, amid rising frustration with the current government led by Liberal leader Jean Charest, who has been in power for about a decade.

According to the latest opinion polls conducted by Forum Research, the pro-independence opposition party, Parti Quebecois, was in the lead with 36 percent of the votes and the incumbent Liberal party stood at second place with 29 percent. The polls also showed that the Coalition Avenir Quebec Party (CAQ) received 25 percent of the votes.

Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois earlier said that if she won the elections for a new Quebec government, she would call for a referendum on the separation of Quebec from Canada.

Marois also pledged that she would roll back the government’s proposed tuition fee rises, if her party won the elections.

Since February, students have been protesting against the hikes and the provincial government’s controversial anti-protest Bill 78. The protests later turned into a larger movement dubbed as the “maple revolution,” which reveals deeper social unrest.



  1. Toutes les questions provinciales et nos problèmes surgissent parce que notre Banque Nationale du Canada a le contrôle externalisé de notre argent à des institutions bancaires privées. Les banques privées sont prêt-nous notre argent avec un intérêt composé au lieu d'être publié par la Banque du Canada intérêt libre. Tout notre argent est jeté dans une fosse sans fond de la dette et de sucer toutes nos communautés et de programmes sociaux sera déchiré et détruit à cause de cela. Quel parti politique va parler de la banque criminelle qui s'est passé depuis 1974? Est-ce que les libéraux du Québec ignorer ce fait? S'ils le font, ils sont en collusion avec les pouvoirs bancaires qui soient de détruire notre système social. À vrai dire, le PQ ne serez même pas toucher parce que les deux parties sont ici pour prendre votre esprit loin des problèmes évidents auxquels nous faisons face ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7HMt5MgsDg

    All our Provincial issues and problems arise because our National Bank of Canada has outsourced control of our money to private banking institutions. Private banks are loaning us our own money with compound interest instead of it being issued by the Bank of Canada interest free. All our money is being thrown into a bottomless debt pit and sucking all our communities and social programs will be ripped apart and destroyed because of it. Which political party will speak out about the criminal banking that has been going on since 1974? Will the Quebec Liberals ignore this fact? If they do then they are in collusion with the banking powers that be to destroy our social system. Truth be known the PQ wont even touch this because both parties are here to take your minds away from the obvious problems we all face…

  2. Here is a disturbing web page made by those who want to control the outcomes of elections on a global scale. Simply become a trusted member, and then pick an election and change the outcome. - http://www.ourcampaigns.com/

    As an informed citizen I find that I am unhappy with any of the candidates from the main parties so I decided to research the others that are on the ballot in my electoral division. I saw an independent candidate that I wanted to learn about simply because the issues really matter to me…so I decided to look at Francis Juneau – Independent candidate from my riding…my search brought me to elections Canada where he was approved on August 12th, 2012 to run in the election – information cannot be found on him except on a website from the USA. Strange how that is eh? What conclusion do you draw from this?

    My conclusion is this – Francis Juneau is a straw man entered into the election to take the votes away from disenchanted voters on election day. This is only one example of how our election process is controlled in Quebec, and Canada. My advise to everyone is to research before you cast your vote. If we all did this then the result would be real change by the people.

  3. Division has always been the elites card & Quebec has been no exception. I was born a Greenfield Parker in 1960 & went through the political divisions like all Quebecers & I can tell you that in reality, just like everywhere else people just want to live their lives in peace with mutual respect.

    When it comes to politics however, there’s an easy road to division here in Quebec - the French/English and oppression cards are always played to take peoples focus off of the real issues. The real focus should be on the criminal banking system and how they are bankrupting society by lending us our own money with interest. The elites know they are in serious jeopardy here in Montreal because of a large awakened population that is challenging their every move. Therefore they replay the cards that have been the most successful for them in Quebec to divert the focus away from the Banking crimes is what is being played again today.

    We the people have one very powerful tool in our hands however, and that is the Internet. Free speech and information is not controlled by the elites, not yet anyways, and until such time as losing these freedoms through political party legislation, we the people have the opportunity to make change that will benefit ALL the people of Quebec and Canada… and not just the elites with their system of a controlled society. Let’s not forget who controls the media, banks, or majority shares in all corporations of significance…it certainly isn’t the people of Quebec or Canada...but it could be if we were to all step back and focus on the bigger picture…


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