Monday, September 24, 2012

British initiative undermines Canada

Source: Press TV

The UK government will announce plans to team up with Canada in handling foreign policy, a move many Canadians believe would return the country to the colonial eras.

Britain and Canada are to clinch an agreement to establish joint diplomatic missions in other states in a bid to cut costs, but analysts say it will compromise Canada’s sovereignty and independence as the country needs to work based on an independent foreign policy.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague will meet his Canadian counterpart John Baird in Ottawa on Monday to work out the details of the new partnership and sign the agreement, which could eventually involve Australia and New Zealand.

Hague has said in a statement that the new partnership will give Britain "a bigger reach abroad for less cost".

"As [Prime Minister] David Cameron said when addressing the Canadian parliament last year: 'We are two nations, but under one Queen and united by one set of values'", Hague said in the statement.

Canada, a former UK colony, is described as a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy with The Queen Elizabeth II of Britain as Sovereign.

As a constitutional monarch, The Queen abides by the decisions of the Canadian government, but she continues to play important ceremonial and symbolic roles. The Queen is represented in Canada on a day-to-day basis by a Governor-General, who is appointed by The Queen.

This is while that Britons, themselves, are seeking ways to get rid of the monarchy and its eye-watering economic costs, which are imposed on the British taxpayer.

Republic, an anti-monarchy campaign group, which campaigns for a "democratic Britain with an elected head of state", will this year begin campaigning to include the royals in Freedom of Information laws and to abolish the royal veto over legislation.

In Canada, critics are raising questions about the new partnership deal between London and Ottawa.

New Democratic Party (NDP) foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar questions whether the government's cost-cutting measures will compromise Canada's independence and its foreign policy.

"I think it has a lot to do with the fact that this government is cutting severely on diplomacy," Dewar said. "And its priorities on diplomacy and multilateral institutions have waned."

Other analysts believe the initiative will have a negative impact on Canada’s image around the world.

"This is not the time to be cutting corners in how we sell ourselves... We're seen as a country that has managed our economic affairs, we're seen as a leader, we're seen as independent of the U.S., independent of the U.K., and this is the moment where we should be selling Canada on our own and not doing it with others", says Fen Hampson, who is with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), an independent, non-partisan think tank on international governance.

Canada is a country where Zionist regime of Israel takes care of its authorities’ undue anger towards other nations.

Earlier this month, when Canada abruptly announced a cut-off of diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the surprise move as a “clarion call to action” .

The Canadian government was actually doing the bidding of Israel and Britain when it instructed Iranian diplomats in Ottawa to leave within five days.

The Canadian move was described as
bizarre and irresponsible, which, an official said, removed Canada as a potential player in the Middle East.

However, the British Foreign Secretary hopes other Commonwealth countries like Australia and New Zealand will join the Canada-U.K. initiative so they can pool their resources and extend their reach abroad.

Former British colonies, Australia, New Zealand and Canada never actually achieved independence. World government, for them, is an extension of the "British Empire" and independence would have been a step in the wrong direction.

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