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Weapons of Mass Imagination

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By: Stewart Brennan

Can it be true? No more false accusations?

IAEA Board of Governors closes Iran PMD case

Source: Press TV

“The governing board of the International Atomic Energy Agency has decided to close Iran’s so-called PMD case. The decision to close the case related to the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program terminates 12 resolutions against Tehran. The IAEA’s director general says the decision is an important milestone. Tehran has called it historic.” From Vienna, Press TV’s Homa Lezgee reports.

Historic news right!?

I certainly hope so, but as I said on Sept 10th 2015…”the Americans are not going to allow Iran to continue building its economic and military strength as an independent economy as we will see down the road when the US decides to return to the sanctions regime on Iran for having broken the nuclear deal on their phantom Nuclear weapons program…that road leads to all options on the table which means War on Iran…”

Well, it looks like the US Governments Insanity is more predictable than the weather, if this UN Panel can be believed…

UN Panel accuses Iran of violating Security Council resolution

Video Source: Press TV

The United States loves to pick on Independent nations by wielding economic sanctions through the United Nations Security Council; done either by false accusation or by fabricated evidence as we saw leading up to their war on Iraq in 2003.

Weapons of Mass Imagination

Iran does not have nuclear weapons or a nuclear weapons program and has not deviated from their nuclear energy program as verified and stated by the IAEA.

...and as far as I know, there are no laws that prohibit countries from developing conventional weapons for the protection of their own sovereign nation…if there were, then all western nations would be sanctioned to death for their role in the weapons industry development over the past 100 years. But hey, here's an opportunity, maybe we the people could collectively end the weapons Industry together, if these accusations of weapons of mass imagination are to be taken seriously.

The US, Israel, UK, and France could all be sanctioned for weapons that might be capable of carrying nuclear warheads…and that wouldn’t be a stretch away from the truth, because these countries actually DO HAVE nuclear weapons! And they might even use them, god forbid…

Come on, get serious…if the United Nations wants to continue functioning, it better get its act together...If the UN wants to be taken seriously in the future, then it really has to start putting their foot down and penalizing rogue nations that make unwarranted accusations that have serious implications for the victim nation. Lying about weapons of mass destruction and carrying out a sanctions war must be frowned upon and treated as an action of war. To ignore it is to ignore the UN charter…

Today, I no longer expect the United Nations to do the right thing, considering their recent record of insane decision making. Especially when one country, the USA, can influence an economic block (OECD) subservient by virtue of its reserve currency status and global economic institutions (World Bank, IMF), by coercing nations to vote for Saudi Arabia, the most brutal human rights violator on the planet to head the Human rights commission, or to appoint the Neo-Nazi Ukraine government as a security council member for 2016 - 2017, especially a government that has also practiced genocide of the Russian speaking people of Ukraine...or how about the criminal state of Israel, a nation that continues their campaign of genocide on the Palestinian people how is it they get away with some of the gravest War Crimes, and crimes against humanity committed this century, no doubt the US veto…and why has the UN turned a blind eye on Turkey’s illegal oil trade with terrorist groups in Syria, not to mention their invasion and occupation of Iraq and refusal to leave when told. Turkey is a NATO member and therefore protected by the the UN a worthwhile organization?

No, today the United Nations is a failed institution brought on by US hegemony and bully attitude to nations that claim their own independence…what we have today is an institution that does not abide by its own charter and has lost all credibility in the house of reason and the eyes of the people.

The United Nations has become a joke to the people of the World and has lost its legitimacy, even though it is the only institution that functions as a place to bring all nations together...

We are now witness to a mirror of historic events that fuelled the rapid demise of the League of Nations, leading up to the ultimate blow that brought the house down in 1939…a global war…

Possible Repercussions

As for the mind games currently running amuck at the UN, let’s see how the Europeans react to the latest BS accusations towards Iran by the US…will all the European nations play along and jeopardize all the new energy deals they just signed for their future economic survival, or will they abide by common sense, international law, and cut their puppet strings to isolate the belligerent sociopathic US government at the United Nations?

Because if the European Nations decide to back these new US allegations and proposed sanctions on Iran as they have in the past, then those same European Nations will be exposed for their own hypocrisy, which also means they will most definitely back the Saudi's anti-Assad coalition now quickly being assembled.

The rapid build up of this new Anti Assad coalition led by Saudi Arabia and Turkey will also prove that the US diplomatic mission to Russia was to bide time so that the Saudi led terrorist coalition could gather for the final destruction of Syria and its government...the US backs Saudi Arabia unconditionally, so there is no question in their quilt…this struggle is really about who gets to build gas and oil pipelines across Syria and Turkey to supply Europe…the energy will either come from Qatar or Iran…

Russia and Iran are the only nations fighting terrorism in Syria and are the sole voices of reason with respect to eliminating the well funded terrorist groups in Syria.

Russia: Syrian people should determine future of their country

Video Source: Press TV

Weather you are a believer in Peak Oil or not, resource wars take on the guise of many other reasons, but in the end it comes down to economics, and economics require energy…oil and gas energy, to run an economy…

We are indeed in perilous times that I can’t help but equate to the global insanity that the world experienced in the run up to World War I and World War II.

My gut feeling says the UN is heading for a fall just like the League of Nations did as WWII broke out in 1939…let’s just hope sanity prevails and a World War is averted to save us from ourselves...I hope I'm wrong about all of it...

As for the Future of the UN, we will be treated to a geopolitical puppet race as the UN begins their search for next secretary-general.

Until now, the selection of the U.N. secretary-general was determined by the five permanent Security Council members behind closed doors. However, next year the members of the general assembly will have the chance to interview candidates, see the entire list of candidates and then vote on the candidates presented to them. However it is still up to the 15 member Security Council to make their choice and submit their selected candidate for a general assembly vote…a security council I might add, that will contain two members that came to power in a brutal and violent coup; the military dictatorship from Egypt and Neo-Nazi Fascist regime from Ukraine… 

At least it should be an interesting and laughable show to see what kind of US puppets will be offered and paraded to the general assembly for the next United Nations Pinocchio pageant in 2017…




Israeli Crimes 

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