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UK Parliament Votes to break International Law by Bombing Syria

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Source: PressTV

British Prime Minister David Cameron says a one-day debate will be held in parliament on Wednesday on whether his country will commence airstrikes against Daesh in Syria.

"I can announce that I will be recommending to cabinet tomorrow that we hold a debate and a vote in the House of Commons to extend the airstrikes," he said, referring to Britain's current air campaign as part of a US-led coalition against purported Daesh positions in Iraq.

"I believe there's growing support across parliament for the compelling case there is to answer the call from our allies, to act against Daesh in Syria and in Iraq," he said in a televised statement on Monday.

Cameron also denied a request made earlier by UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn to hold a full two-day debate on the subject.

“As has happened previously a one-day debate would inevitably lead to important contributions being curtailed. It is incumbent on us all to ensure the country feels there has been the fullest parliamentary discussion of what you have rightly described as a highly complex situation,” Corbyn wrote in a letter to Cameron.

Meanwhile, Corbyn told members of parliament that they are free to vote on the subject of bombing Syria – a move that strays from a tradition in which British party leaders dictated what members should vote during major debates.

Since August 2014, the United States and some of its allies have been conducting airstrikes against what they say are Daesh positions in Iraq. Since last September, some members of the US-led coalition have also been pounding purported Daesh positions inside Syria without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate.

However, the airstrikes have not dislodged the Daesh terrorists and have reportedly caused huge collateral damage and civilian deaths.

UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn offers his MPs free vote on Syria airstrikes

Source: Press TV

UK opposition Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn (L) and British Prime Minister David Cameron attend the Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph on Whitehall, London, on November 8, 2015. (AFP photo)

The Labour Party has confirmed that it will offer its MPs a free vote on the Tory government’s proposal for UK airstrikes against ISIL terrorists in Syria.

The controversial decision to extend military operations against ISIL from Iraq to Syria came at a shadow cabinet meeting. The party's leader Jeremy Corbyn and most of its members are opposed to bombing. They believe airstrikes in Syria could deteriorate the situation and increase support for ISIL.

However, some Labour lawmakers want to back Prime Minister David Cameron's call for more bombing. Corbyn has requested a two-day debate on the issue in the House of Commons.

In his letter to Cameron, Corbyn has asked for more details of the planned airstrikes.

“As of this morning, we have not had a clear proposal from the government on when you plan to bring forward a motion to the house on airstrikes in Syria or on arrangements for the debate…In the view of the opposition on a matter of such critical importance there must be full and adequate time for any debate in the house and only a full two-day debate would ensure time for all members who wish to participate to be able to do so,” Corbyn wrote to Cameron

The decision is seen as a last-ditch effort by Corbyn aimed at averting the threat of a mass shadow cabinet walkout.

The Labour Party has already announced that the official party line will be a "strong anti-bombing" position, which is backed by the membership.

Everything the West has done was to create ISIS’ – John Pilger

Source: Russia Today

Award winning journalist and author, John Pilger talks to Afshin Rattansi about how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS-Daesh. Plus we examine the media's role in spreading disinformation ahead of a vote in Parliament for UK bombing of Syria. Afshin looks at the Autumn Statement and why in a time of high alert we are cutting the police force and buying drones.

Cameron likely to go ahead to bomb Syria’ - Ex-UK MP Galloway

Source: Russia Today

David Cameron says he wants to bomb Syria, and Ex-UK MP George Galloway thinks he will probably go ahead and join the anti-ISIS operation.

2013 - British parliament votes against military action in Syria

Source: Press TV

The vote comes after a hot debate in the House of Commons on how Britain should respond to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria. During the debate, Prime Minister David Cameron urged the M-Ps to approve military action against the Syrian government. Cameron made the call despite his admission that there was no definitive evidence Damascus had carried out chemical weapons attacks against the Syrian people. The opposition, however, rejected Cameron's proposal and stated that Britain should wait for the U-N team of chemical weapons inspectors to finish their investigation in Syria.

2015 - Don't bomb Syria - George Galloway


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