Friday, December 4, 2015

The Voice of Protest is alive and Well in the New Music Industry

By: Stewart Brennan

The Real Voice of protest is alive and well in today’s underground music scene.

Music will always reflect the attitudes and feelings of the ordinary person on the street because “Music is the peoples voice”.

However, suppression is another story…Censorship is a multi legged creature that can be found wherever a corporate bottom line is affected and since the music industry is owned by the multi-conglomerate weapons industry, you’re not going to hear any anti-war songs or any anti-corporate songs for that matter on the mainstream airwaves, especially if the message in the song draws negative attention to a product or affects the sales and bottom line of an associated company.

That is why, what passes for music on the mainstream airwaves and television today is totally disconnected from reality, while being foreign to what is really going on in life. The corporations that control the mainstream music industry have successfully removed the collective consciousness and voice of the people from the airwaves and replaced it with a fabricated one that is empty of any meaningful substance. Most of the songs are alike and have been standardized into sterilized clones of each other.

This is precisely the reason why the music Industry has taken a nosedive in sales; much the same way mainstream TV news lost its viewers because they both evolved into a corporate fabricated medium for trash and propaganda. Music has taken the same disastrous path as televised News because it is owned by the same corporations that own the News…

The voice of the people (thoughts and feelings) is found in music, and that voice is found mostly in the underground and Independent music scenes, where reaction to current events play themselves out in the lyrics and performances of the artists.

Take the events from the false flag attacks in Paris France for example, the voice and expression of the people resulting from those events comes out in music. Here is one song that speaks to the human reaction and attitude from those events, which coincidently is missing from the mainstream airwaves, but is alive and well in the underground music Industry.

Je Suis Free - Healthy Junkies

Corporate arrogance and its dehumanizing platform, which is all too often legislated by corporate lobby groups against all humanitarian ethics and morals, is the real battle we find ourselves in today, and we are losing...losing because we have lost our voice on the mainstream airwaves.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010, was the largest environmental disaster by a corporation in history, until Fukushima topped that one in 2011, but I digress. The establishment did everything they could to sweep all news of the BP Oil disaster under the carpet, and did so with law enforcement.

Had the BP disaster happened in the 1960’s or 1970’s, a song would have been written about it and played over the national radio airwaves, it would have been in the top 10, and would have also sparked an environmental movement right across the USA, and indeed other's a song that was written by an Independent band to, "Save Us from Ourselves"

Save Us from Ourselves - Blackberry Wednesday

Source: David Wade

Yes, save us from ourselves! “…Can you hear that sound, there’s a war coming…”…Passionate, Empowering, Prophetic and Missing from the mainstream music airwaves…are you surprised?

Sometimes music expresses our anger and dissatisfaction with the status quo of corporate governance, their insolence and corruption…because as you revolutionaries know, the people that control our world are truly "Crooked and Bent"!

Crooked and Bent - The Inflictors

Source: The Inflictors

In response to censorship, "Alternative News" websites have sprung up all over the Internet as people are becoming the press and really challenging the insanity of mainstreams fabricated news. Likewise, an alternative music Industry is growing beneath the decaying remains of the mainstream music Industry because music with the peoples voice, has been suppressed...and it needs a place to vent.

Music is always evolving and represents the common threads of how we feel about life. Musicians, artists, activists and their dedicated fans will never back down, and always, “Put Up a Fight”.

Put Up a Fight - Michael Mazochi

This is what the revolution looks like, people like you and I taking life by the horns and becoming what we envision instead of following a zombie herd over the cliff behind mainstreams pied pipers…the manual on “How to Start a Revolution” is in your hands…

How to Start a Revolution - Some Velvet Morning

Of course, Revolution does not just belong to the unsigned and Independent bands and artists alone, it has also reached some of the best acts still remaining under the mainstream labels, even though you wont hear their protest songs on the radio airwaves, they still fight for what is right.

Revolutions won't work? Just try to imprison or suppress a person’s thoughts or idea’s…censorship and suppression will never be successful, because thoughts and ideas are like seeds with wings that fly around until they find fertile soil to take root. …the next thing you know there are “99 Revolutions” planted and growing…

99 Revolutions - Green Day

Source: Green Day

The revolution begins when the people unite and stand up against corporate dictatorship. That’s where the real war will be waged to bring back our freedom of expression. People vs Corporate Interests.

Today, Free Trade is the main tool used by corporations to takeover the resources of our planet, regardless of the destruction they entail…and so we need a revolution, to battle back against the corporate war being waged on people all over the world…a revolution in every country. Music is the medium that connects our common thoughts, the common airwaves is what sparks the movement to unite us in a determined stand together.

We need to stand up and say THIS!!...THIS IS “MY COUNTRY”! 

My Country - Rachel Van Zanten

Source: Video

The Environment is truly one of the biggest topics today, yet the problems and concerns are not being addressed in mainstream music…however, it is being addressed by many in the underground music scene.

In our daily lives, fighting back seems to be a hopeless venture especially when we see our schools filled with the establishments history, lies and corporate message, teaching our children the "Wrong Lines"…

Wrong Lines - Darling and Co

The message is there, protest and revolution is still within music, but it needs a medium to reach the people. If we work together towards this goal, to stand up where we either take the airwaves back from mainstream or create our own airwaves, then we will be on the right track to “Finding a Better Way”.

Finding a Better Way - Tom Moriarty

Music is what connects all of us together, especially when it is played across common airwaves. It did so in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and could easily do so again today if we create the platform together that introduces new music in reflection to the peoples voice…

“100 Years from Now” our grandchildren could look back and say…”How did we ever survive”...well it's because we stood up and did something about it.

Not all is doom and gloom in the World because there are many moments of hope and there are many songs of hope out there that help make all the difference. Music is your voice and there are a lot of people singing...just have a listen and you'll experience the hopeful signs as well.

100 Years from Now - Michael on Fire

Oh, and by the way, 100 years from now, “Little Richard” will STILL be the “King of Rock n Roll”… 8-)

Little Richard Live in France 1966

Source: YouTube Video


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