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Division is the Tool of Choice by the Ruling Class in Quebec and Canada

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Written By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

Governing policy has never really changed much in Quebec or Canada, regardless of perception of who makes the laws or controls the wealth.

The fact is, that the people from all the provinces and territories within Canada are controlled by an elitist group that hold power at every level of government, where legislation is used to divide and conquer via cultural and language divisions.

Keeping our communities at each others throats is the tactic used by those that control the wealth, especially when attention begins to focus on what they are really doing.

Consider that every law that is passed, by any level of government, works in favour of someone or some company that is either bent on aquiring or selling something that is not theirs or is to protect them from liability from past legislation that gave them control to buy or sell something that was not theirs.

Division has worked well for the Elite Across Canada.

Let us remember that it isn’t the little people that rule but those that control the money that rule. The people of Canada have been enslaved to serve a system put in place by the wealthy of this and other nations. The “Oligarchy” controls all aspects within the system and has cornered every market while quelling the resistance against them.

What we are told to do is go to our subservient jobs, pay taxes, and follow every law imposed on us regardless of its tone. To resist is to be imprisoned or threatened by the security system they have put in place. Ideally, the Police force is used for their own protection and not the protection of society as the lessons from the G20 meetings in Toronto, or the Student protests in Montreal clearly illustrated.

Video: Peaceful Protesters are attacked after singing Canadian National Anthem on Queen Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2010)

Video: Violence erupts as Riot police attack student protest in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2012)

Put in our place.

When the population protests government decisions, there is complete silence by the mainstream media on the real issues surrounding the protests and a deafness towards the peoples complaints by an out of touch Parliament. They have our best interests at hand or so they tell us.

We are then told that to change the decisions they have made, we have the democratic right to make change through the political process and choose one of the parties the Oligarchy bankrolls and parades in front of us…does anyone really think there is a mainstream political party that has not been bought and paid for?

The power structure that governs us politically, socially, and economically in Canada are decidedly parasitic against everyone and are the root causes of all the economic hardships we endure and will continue to endure if something is not done. The establishment controls the wealth and power by their ownership of all the banks, land and major corporations. We are just pawns to be used in a Banking Kingdom and Fife.

One of the illusions given by those in control is that our local, Provincial, and Federal tax dollars go into taking care of the community…however, we are never allowed to know how much they collect, or where the money is spent. To make things worse, corrupt government allowed our Central Bank to give away the power to issue money.

The Bank of Canada gave away the issuance of the Canadian Dollar to privately owned banks who then started to “Loan us our own money”, PLUS, we had to pay our own money back to them with interest! This little known fact happened in 1974 under the watch, of then, Canadian Prime Minister, “Pierre Elliot Trudeau”. However, this practice of thievery was known by all other political parties and allowed to continue by every Governing Provincial and Federal Governments since.

Video: Canada Issued Debt-Free Money From 1935-1974

The “National Debt” and thus “Provincial Debt” is controlled by a foreign group of elitest bankers who have taken control of all our wealth by charging us compound interest on money that was never intended for them to issue. Where before, when the Bank of Canada issued the money, we didn’t have to pay interest back because it was our own money being created by our own bank, and therefore controlled only by Canadians.

The Politicians will not return us to debt free money or even address it because they are owned by the corporate structures that control the very same avenues of theft. It does not matter which political party is in power because all parties are controlled by corporate and banking interests that run the entire power structure. Politicians will evade the banking theft question whenever pressed.

The compound interest that has taken hold of our tax dollars is the sole reason that we have soaring inflation, tax increases across the board, a loss in purchasing power, a loss of social services, increased unemployment, a rapid increase in poverty, homelessness, and rise in crime. The monetary system and those that control what has been in place since 1974 is directly responsible for our hardships.

Today in Canada we face a growing foreign takeover of all our infrastructure, wealth and resources by greedy interests. An outrageous example of this is the take over bid by Chinese "State Owned" CNOOC of the Canadian privately owned corporation NEXEN. (See video below.)

Video: China’s CNOOC has agreed to buy Canada’s NEXEN for 15.1 Billion Dollars

When there is no more money available to pay back debt, you lose everything of value that you have as a Nation.

Today in Quebec and Canada all our tax money is going to pay off the compound interest on the principal of a debt that is controlled by private foreign elitist bankers instead of going into the community. This fact is the sole reason why our country’s mineral and resources are being sold down the river to outside groups…here in Quebec the land and everything on it belongs to outside interests, it’s not ours…and that goes for those in Alberta, Ontario and every other Province and or territory.

The more indebted to the international banking cartel we become, the more intertwined we become in the grotesque international hatreds we see unfolding across the World. Our government has told us they have taken sides against people in other nations whom they have no business or right to interfere with. Certainly NOT in my name!!!

My plea to the Canadian people regardless of descent, origin, or status be it English, French, Jew, Muslim, black, white, purple or orange, it’s time to stand together as a unified community, as a nation, and stop the division being inflicted upon us by those that rule!

Common sense, respect, and tolerance to culture and language are expressions of unity and the tools that will free our society from this oppression we face. Standing together is our strength in battling all forms of division that the ruling elite constantly unleash upon our communities. We should be united in telling our government that “If you oppress one part of the community, you oppress all of it, and we do not support you!” We should not tolerate ANY attempts of division what so ever.

This is not a Liberal, Conservative, Separatist, or New Democratic position. It is a position of being a humanist, of having empathy for others, of mutual respect, and being what we hold deer in our hearts as "being Canadian"…To be free…really free.

It’s time to stand up and take back the control of our monetary system from the parasitic private bankers! It’s time to FORCE the government and mainstream media to back down! It’s time to change the system to one that is controlled by the people and not political representatives that cater to the wishes of the corporate few.

How Do We Make Change

How do we do it? We do it by creating direct democracy and establishing criteria that allows people to run for office based on experience in the fields that they hold. We do it by removing the private banks from control of our national currency. We do it by becoming the media, by being open to change, by becoming an economic block, and by our passion for equal rights, respect for one another and belief in the right to exist. We do it together!

No person or culture should be singled out and subject to a muzzle by fear mongering groups or individuals that base their paranoia in propaganda spread by an elitist group and their media, nor should we respect laws that force us all to conform to their racism in all its shapes and forms. No foreign individual, group, or nation should come first over the people of Canada!

Stewart Brennan

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