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New Canadian $20.00 Dollar Bill is a reminder of foreign Ownership

Video Source: Press TV

Opinion By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

The changes made to the new Canadian Twenty Dollar Bill ($20.00) proves itself to be another example of a stab by the Harper Government directly at the First Nations People of this country. It is also perceived as an imperial statement to glorify war. The new 20 which is the most common note used throughout Canada, leaves the Impression of subservience. It’s a real kick in the teeth to anyone that believes Canada is a free and Independent nation.

In my opinion, the new Canadian $20.00 dollar bill drives home the fact that Canada is not an independent nation but one that is still controlled by Britain. To further bring this point home, witness the recent actions and statement of British Foreign Secretary William Hague where he announced that Britain and Canada were to clinch an agreement to establish joint diplomatic missions in other states in a bid to cut costs. Hague also said that, “the new partnership will give “BRITAIN" a bigger reach abroad for less cost”. (1)

Another revealing statement was made last year in 2011 by British Premier David Cameron where he said, “We are two nations, but under one Queen and united by one set of values”. (2) What set of values was he talking about? Was it the position that both countries were aligned in past military conflicts or is it Canada’s present day change from peacekeepers to one of military aggression with the UK? Cameron’s statement is also perceived as an arrogant reminder that we do not have complete independence from Britain politically, or monetarily and since Canadian money is “BORROWED” with an added interest by the Bank of Canada for the Government of Canada (3), Cameron is telling Canadians flat out that we are subservient to their crumbling empire.

Video: British PM Cameron Addresses Canadian Parliament (September 2011)

The NEW Canadian 20 dollar Bill

The New twenty dollar bill boldly shows the WWI Vimy Ridge memorial, which does not rest in Canada, but in France. The WW I memorial was unveiled by British Monarch “King Edward VIII in 1936 when Canada still flew a colonial flag. Following an extensive multi-year restoration, Queen Elizabet II rededicated the memorial on April 9th, 2007 when Canada had its own flag.(4) The figurehead, “Queen Elizabeth II” is placed smack in the Middle of this new 20 dollar bill in a sea of sickly coloured lime green. 

Back of New Canadian $20.00 Bill (War memorial in France)
What really stands out is how European the new note is with no traces of Canada or the people of this Country. Removing the Indigenous Art is like removing the heart and soul of this nation for an Imperial standard of the old Roman Empire…it sure feels that way.

Front Face of New Canadian $20.00 Bill

Back of Old Canadian $20.00 Bill (with Native Art)
If one was to travel the unofficial threads of history, by tracing the money trail of the European Royal families back to the ruling elite and Patrician class of the Roman Empire, one could also draw the conclusion that World War I was the final war to end all wars between these self imposed Monarchies and rulers of men. A winner take all won by an elite that quickly claimed all spoils of war for their own, including the people as their subjects. I don’t like the new Canadian twenty dollar bill because it does not reflect Canada, it reflects British Rule.

 The Canadian World War I Memorial in Vimy France

British Initiative Undermines Canada’s Sovereignty
British PM Cameron Addresses Canadian Parliament (September 2011)
Canada issued Debt Free Money from 1935 - 1974
Canadian National Vimy Memorial
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  1. The new Canadian 20 dollar bill is not a reminder of foreign ownership, The Queen has always been on our money one way or the other. On the money, she is not recognized as The Queen of Britain, but The Queen of Canada, as she always officially has. This is a reminder, I think, to symbolize our Canadian head of state in Canada, as one can often forget that Queen Elizabeth II is not. Also, having the Vimy Ridge Memorial signifies the honour and dedication from the service of our veterans from the world wars. It isn't European just because it is in France, it is strictly Canadian because that's where our people served. This bill is not an embarrassment, but an honour to have as a reminder of Canada. The Haida Gwaii art was a nice touch to the previous 20 dollars, but art changes typically when a new bill is introduced, so I would think that in the next series or so, it would be introduced again.


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