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Victory for Palestine and the People of the World: “We are all Palestinian”

By: Stewart Brennan
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On November 21st, 2012 we were witness to an agreement of peace between the government of Hamas in the Gaza strip, and the Israeli government. This is a MAJOR breakthrough for global peace.

However, it is important to note that the reason why this peace treaty was reached between the two sides was due in large part to the massive outcry by ordinary people around the World…it is the voice you hear that cries out at every protest on every street around the World, “The People United, Will Never Be Defeated”!  

A Lasting Peace?

If we are to see a lasting peace in the Middle East we will need to see a total cessation of hostilities between Israel and the people of Gaza, but also, this cessation must include ending the hostile starvation blockade placed on Gaza by Israel and its supporting Western Governments.

The terms of the peace agreement reveal that the air, land, and sea blockade will be lifted by Israel…so this is a MAJOR step forward if the Israelis remain true to their word…only time will tell. For the time being, we must rejoice that significant progress has been made for the besieged people of Gaza.

Choices and Requirements for Lasting Peace:

Requirements for a lasting Peace throughout all of Palestine and Israel must also include an end to all illegal settlements, occupations, including a cessation of hostility towards the people, that is, of course, if a two state solution is still being supported. If so, then Israel must return to 1967 borders as proposed by the United Nations and the general assembly.

Let’s be realistic about this, the two state solution has no possibility of working because the Israeli government and the settlers will refuse to give up any of the land they have seized, from Palestinians, and the Palestinians will refuse to concede the land that was taken from them, so there is no possible way to do this unless both sides are forced at gunpoint. 

The problems faced by the region today go back to the errors made by the United Nations in 1948 when they created the State of Israel by carving it out of Palestine. In essence, the 2 state solution was a UN Security Council decision that is at the heart of this problem.

A one state solution, dominated by Israel, is also not acceptable because it is a recipe for total disaster and it is also true that a one state solution dominated by the Palestinians will not work for the same reasons regardless of history. Dominance by either side is destructive because it is totally divisional, militaristic, driven by fanaticism and powered by a nationalist mindset. Taking this path leads to an endless war between factions that can very quickly lead to regional and global conflicts, so this path must be avoided at all costs.

Real Solution for Lasting Peace

The only real solution is the one that nobody is talking about and that is a “Reunification of Palestine” where ALL THE PEOPLE of today, within the old borders of Palestine, rule together. Shared power would mean a democratic process for all the inhabitants regardless of faith or ethnicity, and it would mean freedom of worship, freedom of movement, and the right to live for all.

The reunification solution also calls for the creation of provinces within the state, where for example, one region is called Israel, another Gaza, etc. This option requires that ALL POLITICAL FACTIONS make concessions in the name of peace, prosperity, respect, and unity. This option is the true path to peace in the Middle East and for that matter the road to global peace that I am sure is supported by a large majority of the people.

Back to the Present Reality

There’s one thing that Israel and the Western leaders did not expect when they gave Israel the authorization to attack the people of Gaza, and that was the backlash from the people within their own countries.

Communication with each other through the Internet has fostered the awakening of a global consciousness that is dynamic in the social, political, and ethical spheres; and it was this global consciousness that forced the World leaders to pressure Israel into a peace treaty on November 21st, 2012. It will be a day remembered when the global majority spoke out with one voice on the World’s Political stage. On this day, the global collective declared themselves to be Palestinian.

Common Sense

If the UN is going to hold onto any credibility in the minds of the global citizenry, the United Nations 5 permanent Security Council members must be unanimous in recognizing Palestine and the needs of all people around the World. If we cannot have agreement then there simply will not be a need for the United Nations body such as it is anymore. It’s time to turn your swords into ploughshares and evolve with the citizens of the World.

There is always a transition period required, when bringing any new venture into reality. Let us not proceed by extremes rather by gradual changes towards the stated goal.

The people of the World have been extremely influential in forcing the western leaders to back down and call off their attack dog. A Victory for the people of Palestine is victory for the people of the World, including the people of Israel.

Freedom for the Palestinian people is directly linked to the moral well being of the Worlds population and by the global political awakening that has put an Imperialistic driver in check.

There is a great deal of danger ahead for everyone, but we can rise together in unity and end the insanity that dictates the direction of the world simply by adding a moral conscious to it.

The younger generation that is coming will be a tidal wave of change…things will never go back to the way they were again. The economy and its stinging reality in hardship is beginning to hit home throughout Europe and North American, and that is causing more minds to open in the global consciousness. 

The common foundation of all people in North America, Europe and the rest of the World, including those asleep, is moral perception and common sense based on education and upbringing. Social networks have given all of us a platform for education, where we can voice our opinions and interact in a spirit of sharing knowledge and most importantly, a chance to see what life is like on the other side of the imaginary fence.
The internet has given rise to a consciousness that has united people world wide in mind and is a global awakening…however there are many that have been left behind by the advances in global communication simply because they cannot escape the prisons in their minds held in place by years of state propaganda. Many of my generation in North America (Baby Boomers) will pass with the old world beliefs mainly because they are fearful of letting go of old programs. During the baby boom years people were only given a distorted one sided view of the World, so today’s information age can be a real challenge for those who set in their ways. The younger generation has no such limit and is very quick to find out how the world works and who runs it. This is a generation that finds time on its hands to do extensive information research on the internet due to mass youth unemployment and rising costs for education. They are the future, and they are awake.

Global Identity

Across the World people have evolved with the Information age and become aware of the systematic destruction of their freedoms and liberties under the extremely criminal and fraudulent banking cartel. Protesting the power elite and their monopoly is always met with a militaristic reply from riot police using teargas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. The riot police are there to enforce the system and beat down any resistance to it. But it is also in this context of suffering that people begin to understand and identify with what it is like to be Palestinian, although it pales in comparison to the daily strife that the Palestinian people endure everyday under their brutal occupation.

It is understood by most that to stick with the current World Banking System is a recipe for disaster which only leads to extreme poverty for most. The people have had enough and will not allow the status quo to continue. Change is required across the board, be it in banking, institutional education, living conditions, or human rights. The people of the World have expressed their anger towards the current system controllers and we have stated forcefully that we are in complete solidarity with Palestine. We are all Palestinian, and that means the people of the World want their freedom and independence from the autocratic power structure the drives the world towards war. It is time for the peoples voice to enter the sphere of decision-making and to forge a new World that drives humanity towards a 1000 years of peace. Free Palestine, Free Gaza, Free Israel

Today, we are Palestinian. 8O)

Stewart Brennan

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