Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bus Bomb in Tel Aviv was a False Flag Attack

Photo – Russia Today (

Opinion By: S. Brennan

The Bus bombing in Tel Aviv today (November 21st, 2012) was a false flag attack to drum up sympathy and support for an Israeli government that is committing Mass Murder in the Gaza strip.

I’m sure there are some inside Gaza or the West Bank that would love to claim responsibility for the bombing, but in truth the only ones that will gain from this crime are the Israeli and Western governments image, as they search for ways to hide their acceptance of ethnic cleansing in the current Gaza massacre.

Israel, and the Western governments that back the despotic regime are being challenged by an informed public that demands justice for the Zionist War Crimes being committed in Gaza.

Repercussions of a Planned Invasion on Gaza

Moving forward with the pre-planned Israeli ground invasion of Gaza will spark an exponential outcry by the global public to demand immediate cessation of relations with Israel.

The international political landscape would be changed immediately under this scenario and the implications will certainly destroy the credibility of every western government leader should nothing be done to villianize Hamas before they begin their pre-planned invasion. The establishment will never admit that Israel is wrong so they have been scheming of ways in which to change the direction of public opinion.

You can be sure that evil minds have been hard at work to find a way in justifying a ground war on Gaza and since the scenario needs to be within the confines of Israeli control, they decided to come up with the elusive bus bomber.

The type of minds are we dealing with here are absolutely evil in every way. Consider that these monsters can commit indiscriminate mass murder on the women and children of Gaza and get away with it time and again. Israel is a lunitic state that is out of control…and your Western leaders approve of their despotic actions!!

Bombs Placed on a Bus

The story is so full of holes that one has to wonder at the shear insanity at play trying to convince the World that it was an outside terrorist attack. Itis only a matter of time before they blame someone for the attack, and we all know whom they will blame…

As the story goes, a bomb was PLACED inside public transportation (Bus) as opposed to a suicide bomber and when it was further investigated a SECOND bomb was found that did not go off. These bombs were planted in one of the most security control freak states in the World!

Afterwards, Israeli police claimed that they are looking for 2 men, which contradicted eyewitness claims of one person fleeing the scene. Later the police arrested someone but then let him go…starting to sound familiar.

Hamas did not claim responsibility for the bombing incident although with the anguish and grief they are experiencing during these grievous times, I’m sure they would love to or at least express some sort of gratification to ease their suffering. If Hamas was going to carry out an attack inside Tel Aviv they would have attacked a significant structure such as the Knesset or IDF Military Building and you can be damn sure it would have been huge!

Internationally, we already know who will be blamed by the Western Zionist Controlled Media, and we also know what our bullshit western leaders would say publicly AGAIN and that is, Israel is justified for committing a holocaust on the Palestinian people.

However, what these ass holes have failed to see is that hundreds of millions of people around the World are politically, socially and intellectually awake and have already seen through this self inflicted, FALSE FLAG ATTACK in Tel Aviv. I don’t believe the Israeli officials side for one second, do you. This attack was carried out by Israeli Mossad, end of story!


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