Monday, November 19, 2012

100 members of Egypts assembly quit

Source: Press TV

Despite a road map that sets December as the deadline for the constituent assembly to be finished with Egypt's new constitution, it seems the 100 man assembly is quickly crumbling away.

Various significant withdrawals have been taking place from the assembly including Representatives of Egypt's 3 churches and AL Wafd, Egypt's oldest liberal party.

After the presser, Amr Moussa, Former Presidential candidate explained to Press TV their reasons of withdrawal from the assembly.

The withdrawals are happening after months of anger and dismay with the make up of the assembly, sidelining some political affiliations as well as minorities.

Politicians said that the draft document is catastrophic and more limiting to personal freedoms in comparison to the previous constitution written in 1971, what they believe is totally against the aspirations of the January 25 uprising

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