Tuesday, June 7, 2011

US media forced to reveal Bahrain truths

Source: Press TV

The Obama administration ordered the brutal crackdown on Bahraini citizens by Saudi invading forces and then covered it up, UN officials say.

Press TV talks with Ralph Shoenman, author and political commentator from Berkeley, who praises the unfailing international efforts of certain people to publish the truth about what is happening in Bahrain, which has forced American media to print Bahrain as a mainstream issue. Following is a transcript of that interview.

Press TV: It is becoming evidently clear that a deal between Saudi Arabia and the US that you invade Bahrain and we'll take on [Libyan ruler] Muammar Gaddafi - Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is said to have given the go ahead for this Saudi Arabian invasion of Bahrain in order to crush anti regime protests. This was confirmed by two UN officials to be true. Your comments?

Ralph Shoenman: The Saudi regime and the Sheikhdoms of the Emirates are the instruments of imperial rule there - basically country selling regimes they are the servants of imperial control over the resources of the region. And the dictatorial message and the barbaric treatment of the population in resistance and the new uprisings across the region is only a means through which imperialism seeks to further repress.

The organizing of the Saudi forces and [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council [P]GCC force was something prepared by the UK and the US. In fact, it was [US Defense Secretary Robert] Gates and his trip to [the Bahraini capital] Manama that prepared the invasion and this was confirmed in the New York Times.

In the past three months, the effort to expose the torture and barbaric treatment of the population, particularly targeting physicians and doctors and nurses; taking patients out of their beds and disappearing them; harvesting their organs; has been reported consistently in the Irish Times and throughout the US.

Now it is common place - the lead story in the New York Times reads “Bahrain puts medical staff on trial” and it goes into the particulars of their treatment. Bahrain lifts martial law, but renews crackdown on protesters is the article in the New York Times.

Reuters: “Bahrain's Shias talk of abuse under martial law”; and another writes “Martial law was lifted, but the repression will go on. Dissidents state that the crackdown has intensified; thousands have been detained and dismissed from jobs”. Particularly the reference to the treatment of doctors is as follows - “The doctors have encountered beatings with plastic hose pipes, electric shock, and rape and other humiliations such as being urinated on and verbal insults against their Shia faith. The victims are blindfolded to avoid seeing their interrogators who wear masks to avoid identification.”

So I want to say to you that in spite of the efforts of the regime of the government of the US to give complete cover and protection to this vicious repression, the newspapers now are reporting the reality very widely and very thoroughly.

If you look at the report in Al Jazeera today, you will see a map of twelve sites where repression has occurred in response to the demonstrations of last Friday (throughout Bahrain provinces). So the world is being well informed of the vicious nature of this repression in Bahrain and the trial of the doctors and the nurses at military trials are clearly identified. This issue is now a mainstream report.

The reality is there; the mobilization of support from around the world for resistance in Bahrain will ensue and has to be developed and advanced and the struggle of the people will not be abated and will not be intimidated. These vicious regimes are deeply isolated and they are connected to each other as the struggle spreads across the region in Bahrain and in Saudi Arabia and now in Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Throughout the area this struggle will prevail.

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