Sunday, June 26, 2011

The regime must go, Yemenis say

Anti-regime protesters hold a rally to demand the trial of Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh in the southern city of Taizz, June 24, 2011

Source: Press TV

Anti-regime protesters in Yemen have taken to the streets in the country's second largest city to repeat their demand for the formation of a transitional council.

On Saturday, Yemeni demonstrators gathered in the streets of the southern city of Taizz to demand an end to the country's political limbo following the departure of longtime dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Saleh, who flew to Saudi Arabia to receive treatment for the wounds he sustained in an attack on his palace in Sana'a earlier this month, has refused to step down and is reportedly planning to return.

Yemeni protesters have been calling for the members of the Saleh regime to be brought to trial for the "crimes" they have committed and the brutal crackdown on anti-regime protesters that began in January.

They accuse the regime of corruption and killing hundreds of people since opposition protests began in January.

Tens of thousands of Yemenis also staged a massive protest rally in Sana'a on Friday.

The protesters chanted slogans denouncing Israel, the United States, and Saudi Arabia and what they called foreign domination of their country.

Yemenis have been holding daily protests demanding the formation of a transitional council since Saleh left the country in early June.

The protesters have vowed to continue their rallies until the Saleh regime falls.

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