Monday, June 27, 2011

Chavez 'recovering well' after surgery

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez (C) is visited by Cuba's President Raul Castro (R) and its revolutionary leader Fidel Castro at a hospital in Havana, June 17, 2011.

Source: Press TV

Venezuelan officials have dismissed reports claiming that President Hugo Chavez is in a “critical condition,” telling his enemies to "stop dreaming" of his death.

Chavez has not made a public appearance since June 10, when went to Cuba to have a pelvic swelling removed, Reuters reported.

Due to his absence El Nueva Herald -- the Miami Herald's Spanish-language sister paper -- released a report claiming he is in a worse condition that what Venezuelan officials have so far said.

"President Chavez is recovering well from his surgery. His enemies should stop dreaming and his friends should stop worrying," Vice Foreign Minister Temir Porras said on Saturday.

"The only thing that has metastasized is the cancer of the Miami Herald and the rest of the right-wing press," he added.

However, US officials and opponents of Chaves have claimed that as his government has not yet released a firm report regarding the matter, they might be hiding the “true picture.”

In response, Venezuelan Vice President Elias Jaua said "The national and international right-wing are going crazy, rubbing their hands together ... even talking about the death of the president," adding that Chaves would soon return.

Pro-government groups have been prepared for days to celebrate Chavez's return to the Miraflores presidential palace in the capital Caracas.

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