Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Israeli cabinet replicates war situation

Israeli riot policemen stand in formation during a training simulating riot.

Source: Press TV

The Israeli security cabinet has been relocated to practice emergency situations in preparation for a possible war during the annual “Turning Point” maneuvers.

The five-day exercises began on Sunday and will end on Thursday, Israeli media reported.

The Israeli cabinet will hold the drill in an underground base that has been recently built in al-Quds (Jerusalem) mountains.

Israel's Homeland Security Minister Matan Vilnai said earlier this week that the drill is mainly designed for the cabinet ministers “so that we might coordinate among ourselves.”

The Israeli finance ministry has also been relocated to another place to continue its job in the simulated war situation.

On Tuesday, the national economic forum for times of emergency was held in the presence of Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer, as part of the weeklong drill.

Some 80 municipalities will participate in the exercises, along with military, police, firefighters and emergency services.

On Wednesday, there will be two sirens during which Israelis will be asked to enter their pre-selected protected spaces.

For the first three days this week, various government bodies and emergency services practiced their readiness.

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