Monday, June 20, 2011

Britain conspiring sanctions on Belarus

Source: Press TV

The British government is pushing for fresh EU sanctions including a full arms embargo against Belarus on the pretext of violating human rights.

Foreign Secretary William Hague will outline the new set of sanctions at a meeting of the EU's Foreign Affairs Council in Luxemburg, the daily The Independent reported.

The sanctions include a full weapons embargo, a ban on visas and freezing the assets of close associates of Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko.

Britain's call for more sanctions against Belarus comes as the country is grappling with various internal woes, including deteriorating financial situation, bad human rights records and illegitimate and inhumane military interventions around the world.

Latest revelations show the UK government has been funding and training the forces of some of the world's despotic rulers including those of Bahrain and Yemen, whom are cracking down on their own people's call for freedom and reforms.

The British military has also been training Saudi Arabia's national guard, which is helping Bahraini regime in killing and silencing pro-democracy protesters in Manama and elsewhere in the tiny Persian Gulf island nation.

Saudi Arabia's regime, which enjoys the full support of the UK government, is internationally known to be one of the biggest violators of human rights as evidenced by several world's rights organizations.

Nonetheless, UK foreign secretary William Hague said it “was vital that the international community spoke with one voice against the Belarus regime”.

"The situation in Belarus is entirely unacceptable. We will not relent in our determination to make President Lukashenko recognise the rule of law and democratic freedoms, to free political prisoners and to end the human-rights abuses perpetrated by his government”, said Hague.

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