Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Global Awakening, re-imagining reality!

Protesters shout 'Wake Up' during a demonstration in responce to an initiative launched by the group 'Real Democracy Now' on the Internet, in Madrid on May 17, 2011

Source: Press TV

The age of rage has emerged! It's sweeping across borders, from the Middle East, to Europe and the Americas. Freedom-seeking people, who have had enough of political repression, police brutality and dictatorship, are calling for their sisters and brothers to wake up from a worldly delusion.

Somewhere along a road packed with Hollywood films and MTV music videos with their subliminal messages manipulating our lives, weekly celebrity magazines and coca cola bottles shrinking our world, we became the prison guards of our once free minds. And as we lost touch with our self-awareness, we began to increasingly give in to materialistic temptations.

This is despite previous generations ever so long efforts in helping us to empower ourselves with a crucial weapon, called knowledge. Hence the saying, the pen is mightier than the sword.

On the other hand, lack of knowledge means powerlessness. Consequently, one becomes easily manipulated. If we are to give in to any new and hot mainstream trend, then we are only blown around by random forces.

This makes me wonder if it was the top dogs of the global banking elite that said ignorance is bliss, and got a world to repeat this much ridiculous statement.

The same individuals who turned universities into commercial entities with only profit maximization as their agenda. The role of an institution for higher learning is in fact, to teach us how to think. But as this goes against the agenda of profit-greedy bankers, they began to 'dumb down' the masses. And so we all became victims of a massive divide and conquer operation, on an individualized level.

“They keep us divided, men and women, black and white, Muslim, Christian and Jew, they keep us demoralized, that's what the education system league table's about, and they encourage cynicism. And it that way they hope to control us” - Tony Benn

In this cynical atmosphere, we began to feel lonely and insecure, and eventually we lost the sense of our identity. To substitute this loss, we began fulfilling our worldly desires. Had we only opened our eyes a little bit, we would have realized just how much we all have in common, yet how unique each and every one of us are.

But we all fell for the rhetorical democracy of certain Western leaders. Even if, more and more of us have, since The Matrix told Neo to 'wake up', felt that the realities mainstream media has created, are in fact total contradictions. Like claiming black is white, or day is night. Like calling it 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' or claiming what they are doing now in Libya is a military 'intervention', when it is more reminiscent of an invasion. And of course, let's not forget the loud screams of the US and its allies, regarding democratic values and human rights that are echoed all across the world. When, not only did they support Mubarak's oppressive regime for three decades, but every time an opposition wishes democratic reforms or is about to grow in the US or European countries, the world witnesses the brutality of their security forces.

Unfortunately however, anyone who disagrees with the mainstream reality is quickly labeled a conspiracy theorist, a wacko, a weirdo and the list goes on. So to not be called more names, we committed the biggest crime against ourselves, by remaining silent.

This silence however, led to further insecurity, as most of us could not handle it. So quickly, we fled to the shopping centers nearby to acquire the latest gadgets assembled in sweatshops, or expensive brand clothes stitched by children in some far away land working for less than what is needed to survive, just because some superstar in the US has promoted it.

But for many, the pressure continued to grow. This is why countries such as the US and the UK have been witnessing a rise in youth criminality and teen pregnancy. Or why in the US, some students entered their high schools or colleges with a firearm and killed several people before taking their own life. Or why there is such a high rate of attempted suicide amongst young girls in Sweden, or the overall high usage of anti-depressive medication in the entire Western hemisphere.

Nevertheless, with the rise of alternative media and easier access to information, the elite's iron grip on mainstream reality has begun to slip. Even if, alternative information is constantly silenced by the elite's massive propaganda campaigns, people have begun to turn away from previous ways of thinking. And so an evolution of thought is in the making, a process that will alter our consciousness and therefore reform the very foundation of our current understanding of reality, and the nature of ourselves.

This movement is massive. This awakening can be traced across the continents as young people, socially outraged, are staging anti-government demonstrations. Young people in Spain, France and Greece have, especially in these past weeks, been calling for their fellow-citizens to 'wake-up'. The current wave of revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa has been referred to as an awakening. And several movements have emerged in the US, all working to expose their government's false democracy.

Thanks to the Internet, nearly everyone has become politically active and globally interactive. So we know there is someone else on the other side of the border that feels our frustration of being a victim of ever lower living-standards and incomes, together with higher living-costs and unemployment and our never-ending debts, while the elite keep getting richer.

Further, the rise of various social media networks has given birth to a new generation of activists that are mobilizing in completely new ways. Only a week ago, Spain's M-15 movement called on all Europeans, through social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, to join them in their anti-government demonstrations. And their call was heard in Greece and France as demonstrators took to the streets.

So we don't feel as lonely and insecure anymore. Instead we are now becoming globally united in taking our dignity back.

This movement will indeed reshape the current order of the world, and is crucial in the survival of human freedom. Hence, it becomes a direct threat to the elite's agenda for a world government. Therefore, they will do all they can to either prevent or steal the current revolutions, like what is being done in Bahrain or Libya right now. Or maybe this is why the US Senate has approved a cyber security bill, providing the US president full authority to shut down parts of the Internet. Or why in the recent G8 summit, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a tighter grip on the Internet by global powers, as he believes with the government's control, national 'chaos' could be avoided.

Zbigniew Brzezinski said during a 2009 Council on Foreign Relations meeting, “…in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.”

Therefore, people have all the rights to be suspicious about the current events taking place in the world. But one should keep in mind Frederick Douglass when he said “without struggle there is no progress.”

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