Friday, April 1, 2011

Egypt impounds cement bound for Gaza

Source: Press TV

The Egyptian military has confiscated a huge consignment of cement bound for the Gaza Strip that is under the Israeli blockade since 2007.

A 15-member delegation from the Egyptian International Coalition for Lifting the Siege and Rebuilding Gaza, which was accompanying the shipment, said the move indicates the Egyptian revolution has done nothing to change Cairo's policies toward Palestine, a Press TV correspondent reported from Cairo.

A week has passed since the delegation was in Cairo awaiting a written permission from the relevant authorities to enter the 10 tons of cement into the coastal enclave through the Rafah border.

However, after a series of delays and no definitive answer from Egyptian authorities, the Egyptian military decided to confiscate the cement and urge the members to pack up and go.

Observers say this is perhaps a clear indication that former President Hosni Mubarak's strict and cruel policies towards Palestine are still present within Egyptian authorities.

Activists believe the Egyptian government delayed procedures in the hope that they could derail the mission and discourage the delegation.

The delegation, however, camped outside the Rafah border for seven nights and was determined to come again.

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