Friday, April 22, 2011

Fresh anti-government protests held in Yemen

Anti-government protesters shout slogans during a rally to demand the ouster of Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Source: Press TV

Thousands of Yemeni protesters have staged mass protests, dubbed "The Last Chance Friday," demanding the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The protesters gathered after the Friday prayers in several cities, including the capital, Sana'a, and Taizz, AFP reported.

Four people were killed during clashes between protesters and security forces in Taizz on Friday, according to reports.

Meanwhile, the country's Youth movement called for a general strike across deeply impoverished country on Saturday.

This is while President Saleh remained defiant against the demonstrations for his resignation, arguing that a power shift should only occur "based on the constitutional legitimacy."

"Change should be made via ballot boxes and based on the constitutional legitimacy," Saleh was quoted as saying by Yemen's news agency SABA on Wednesday.

"Those who want power or [want] to gain the seat of power should do it by heading to the ballot box. Change and departure will be through voting under the legal framework of the constitution," Saleh claimed.

The Yemeni president stressed that he will remain in office until his term expires in 2013 and that he will not yield to "conspiracies and coups."

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  1. President Abdullah has hardly managed to keep al Queda under control during his rule of Yemen- so I don't think his resignation will change much. Yemen is plagued with divisions of tribe and religion, and al Queda thrives in such an environment- it will take years of socio-economic reform to quash them, not President Abdullah.


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