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BRICS vs OECD or Corporations vs The People?

Photo: BRICS leaders gather at the “2013 BRICS Summit” in Durban South Africa

“The BRICS just became impossible to ignore. At the close of the Fifth annual BRICS Summit in Durban, South Africa last week, there was little question that this group of five fast-growing economies was underwriting an overhaul of the global economic and political order.” – The BRICS Post

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BRICS Summit draws clear red lines on Syria & Iran

"BRICS Summit draws clear red lines..." was a very interesting post but it leaves out some extremely important details to the reader such as what this New World Banking Order is and what it really means. What are they really talking about?

In my opinion, what I see emerging with the BRICS is a duplicate Rothschild banking system with the exact same economic model that is based on exponential growth…and while we the people are realing from this growth model at home, the leading Western nations are plugging the worlds largest economy (China) into the energy they need to continue the destruction of the Western economies. Two clear examples of this are in Iraq and most recently, Canada’s Tar Sands…in fact the approved sale of NEXEN came from Washington and London before it could pass in the Canadian Parliament…not that Canada had any say anyways.

Photo: Canadian PM Stephen Harper Toasting FIPPA Deal with China’s Premier Wen Jiabao

Video: China Oil Firm Cuts Deal in Iraq

However the Harper government then went out of its way to give China free access without prosecution for damages they may inflict on our country with FIPPA. Then Harper removed the protection on 99.999% of all the lakes and rivers with Bill C-45 so that corporations like the ones from China could do what they want, anyway they want, without fear of prosecution…and to keep the crimes and pollution from being exposed they muzzled the scientists and declared environmental activists terrorists…(See links Below)

BRICS stand on Syria:

As for Syria…Russia is under the Israeli influence, and Israel desires the destruction of Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Palestine. So where will this go? Syria has been economically destroyed already. As for China's position on Syria, all I see is inaction and empty words as was the case in Libya. Who stopped the western OECD nations from destroying Libya or Syria? No one!

Down the Road

What I see coming is an emerging New World Order once the wars are over. It comes via a single currency that will enslave the entire world populations to the private banks and their system of exponential growth.

The status quo, of the OECD & BRICS economic model does not work in the favour of the people. It works in the favour of the wealthy few that control the currency…nothing will change with the BRICS system but I can see that the BRICS will grow simply because no one likes the war like behavior of the Western Nations, and as a result of a crashing OECD economic system, every bankrupt nation will turn to the BRICS and be assimilated into the New World Order emerging from the BRICS new deal.

The BRICS economic model is exactly the same as the OECD model, the only difference is the name of the business plan…the real reason the west is going down is because the banks want control of every country under their single global currency, and to do this they must destroy the one that is currently in place…

If we are to see a change in this world of ours we must change our priorities and not allow a corporate model to run the planet. The corporate structure is one of total dictatorship as everyone must see by now as multi-national mega conglomerates gobble up everything in sight. Their control of the Media and government are clearly obvious especially when they become too big to fail, by having legislation passed in their favour, or are supported without investigation by the mainstream media. These multi-national conglomerates are driven by their largest shareholders with a growth model that is exponential and ruthless.

When you have the same share holders controlling the operations of multiple industries with decision making that is best described as, cold, unempathic, and without common sense or moral regard for society, then you have an Armageddon monster out of control and in process of destroying the planet.

Photo: Standard Oil Cartoon

Lead by Example:

The only solution that the people have left to them, if they want to survive, is to stop this “thing” by ending the economic model that feeds it before it completely destroys the planet and everything on it.

I try not to be driven by greed and instead am driven by my empathy for all life and for the future generations that will inherit the earth after I’m gone. What kind of world will we leave future generations with? In reality, our overall needs are meagre compared to what the current economic model requires to keep itself going. Where will we be in 100 years from now if this economic model is allowed to continue?

I Don’t want to leave future generations with this economic monster in place because it will destroy the planet and all life on it. Let’s be the change together and end this madness. The transition will begin when the OECD economies fall. The transition will be in your hands, either we begin the change by removing the private banks, corporate influence, and its political structure, or we succumb to our greed and wipe out the planet…it’s up to all of us...think very hard on this and discuss it with your neighbours, friends, and family…but do it soon, because time has run out.

The Global Economy

Source: World United News

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