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2013 - China Rises: The Seat of "The New World Order"

Source: World United News
Road to Endless War – The Final Chapter – Crash of the Western Empire (2011)

China was chosen as the seat of power by the global banking cartel to run their New World Order.

It began in 1971 when Henry Kissinger went to China ahead of Nixon to talk to Deng Xiaoping, the father of China’s Industrial revolution and former wealthy land-owner before the communist party took over. Coincidently the same year, Taiwan was removed as a permanent member of the UN Security Council (1971) and Mainland China took its place. Then US President Richard Nixon changes the monetary system (1971) by removing the Gold standard and replacing it with worthless fiat money. Instantly this destabilizes the global monetary system and leads to crisis after crisis, in oil, and all things sold…inflation began to kick in. While China prepared to move from an agricultural society to an industrial society, the nations of the World began to go into an inflationary period…all synchronized and controlled by a rigged banking system that is centered on exponential growth.

In 1985 Free trade became the way in which companies could leave North America for cheaper costs in Mexico and then eventually move to China. From this point on, the western industrial capacity shrunk and relocated to China. I was in the packing Industry so I saw this first hand as China became a massive economy. In essence, while the Western economic balloon deflated, the Chinese Balloon inflated directly and by design.

Deng Xiaoping was the man that removed Chairman Mao. He had incredible power within the Communist Party and he is the reason that China is the economy it is today…but lets face facts…he had a lot of Western help. While the western companies were setting up shop in China, the Rothschild Gold Bullion Banking relocates to China (1994). In 1997 the UK govt hands over Hong Kong with its stock market running on all thrusters…China then plugs in and begins the run and expansion of their economy at a phenomenal growth rate. Meanwhile the EU prepares to take down Europe with their New Currency “The Euro”, the USA deregulates the housing industry by removing Glass Steagall and follows that up with an inside job on 911 which began the Road to Endless wars to bankrupt and finish off the US economy completely…

Recently we have seen an escalation of war as the economies of the World print currencies that are locked in with the fiat based US reserve dollar, and the US printing presses have gone into overdrive. All the banking crimes are visible now, and silently in the background China has been plugged into all the Western oil supplies in places like Canada’s Tar sands, and war torn Iraq….China is also getting its oil from everywhere else as well.

China’s UN position to allow US led NATO to destroy Libya, was mind boggling, considering we were sold on a story that China needed African oil. No matter, they just walked over to Iraq with the US blessing and plugged into the oil there…then they did nothing to stop Syria from being destroyed…all the while our stores are filled with cheap Chinese trinkets…

Now that the EU & IMF have demanded that the Cyprus govt steal money out of the peoples accounts so that they can go further into debt with a loan from the ECB and IMF, everyone is expecting the obvious “Bank Runs” across the Euro Zone and indeed North America. They took 60% of peoples savings! Then, only a few days later, the BRICS set up a New Global Investment bank to compete against the World Bank, and the West does nothing…meanwhile, and as we go back to North Korea and the US led sanctions which China signed on to at the UN security council, we see North Korea, one of the last countries to hold out against the USA become the next target…all started and provoked by the USA with its rigid posture of sanctions and military presence and activity in South Korea since 1953! However what has changed is China’s position…this tells me that the war has arrived and will be used to crown China as the global victor and seat of power of the New World Order…and with the potential to put 600 million people into military service (In China military service is mandatory) no one will beat them in a conventional war, while no one wins a nuclear war. China can occupy every country in the World with millions of soldiers if it chose to…a brief war on the Korean peninsula would certainly crown China as the last superpower. If things get out of hand we will see it very soon.

However, even if there is no war, what becomes abundantly clear is that the economic model chosen by China and the BRICS remains the same and this model is based on exponential growth. We, the people of the Earth will not survive this direction in any way shape or form…its time to evolve away from the economic growth model to a one that takes care of everyone’s needs instead of taking care of the greed of an elite few…

Sustainability 101: Exponential Growth

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Sustainability 101: Exponential Growth

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