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911 Not just an inside job but a Tel Aviv based outside job

The scene of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City

Source: Press TV

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul has come under a vicious smear attack for his formation of an institute dedicated to cleansing America of foreign control, ending the power of the Federal Reserve and stopping the deluge of false flag terrorism that has been unleashed on America.

Paul’s organization has drawn upon the few public figures in America that have stood against the “Zionist machine.” It hasn’t taken long for the first attacks.

It began today, in the Daily Beast, an online version of Newsweek, owned by Jane Harman, long a Mossad asset. In 2011, Harman resigned from congress in disgrace after years of allegation against her for espionage on behalf of Israel. From Wikipedia:

“In October 2006, Time magazine, quoting anonymous sources, asserted that an FBI and US Department of Justice investigation of Harman was underway. The magazine alleged that Harman had agreed to lobby the Department of Justice to reduce espionage charges against Steve J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, two officials at the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). In exchange, Time said there was a quid pro quo in which AIPAC would lobby then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to appoint Harman as chair of the House Intelligence Committee if the Democrats captured the House after the 2006 elections. Harman, the FBI, the Justice Department and Pelosi’s office have all denied knowledge of or involvement with any investigation.”

Harman’s organization was chosen to smear Paul and the Ron Paul institute is easy to understand. Paul “played nice” during his failed attempt at the presidency, keeping silent about his views on Israeli influence and, especially, on 9/11.

Back in 2010, the extremely popular television host, Judge Napolitano, on the Murdoch-owned Fox network, exposed 9/11 as a false flag conspiracy. Not only is Napolitano highly respected but was, at the time, employed by the most pro-Israeli news organization in America, a nation where news organizations fall over themselves to “kiss Israel’s behind.”

Soon after shows exposing 9/11, Napolitano was taken off the air and put on “consultant” status. Since that time, there has been no reporting of 9/11 allowed in the United States other than smears against any that speak out, including family members of the victims who have, for years, petitioned every court and bought billboards along America’s highways demanding a real investigation.

The Mossad/Harman attack on Ron Paul, published today in the Daily Beast, is typical of Zionist/ADL/AIPAC/SPLC smear campaigns against any “America first” group. From today’s article by Israeli “smear-master,” James Kirchick of the Mossad based news outlet, Haaretz:

“…the list of Paul Institute board members are the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Most prominent among them is Judge Andrew Napolitano, a legal analyst for Fox News who has said that “It’s hard for me to believe that [7 World Trade Center] came down by itself” and that the 9/11 attacks “couldn’t possibly have been done the way the government told us.”

He is joined by Eric Margolis, who, despite an apparent lack of a Ph.D. or appointment at an institution of higher learning, is listed as a member of the organization’s “academic board.” Margolis says “conclusive proof still lacks” connecting Osama bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks and has speculated that the events could have been “a plot by America’s far right or by Israel or a giant cover-up.”

Southwestern Law School professor Butler Shaffer, in an article for Rockwell’s site titled, “9/11 Was a Conspiracy,” asks, “In light of the lies, forgeries, cover-ups, and other deceptions leading to a ‘war’ in Iraq, how can any intellectually honest person categorically deny the possibility of the involvement of American political interests in 9/11?”

Also on Paul’s board are prominent former government officials who claim that American Jews constitute a “fifth column” aimed at subverting American foreign policy in the interests of Israel. Michael Scheuer, a former CIA intelligence officer, has used this precise phrase, alleging that a long list of individuals, organizations, and publications are “intent on involving 300 million Americans in other people’s religious wars.”

Kirchick calls Ron Paul, who polled as an easy winner were he to have secured nomination during the last election, as an “anti-Semite” along with those with him. A key issue is the continued use of smear tactics against any who push for a legitimate investigation into 9/11 as “Jew haters.”

It doesn’t take a genius to see the solid link between the smear tactics used and clear complicity in 9/11 by the Mossad. Were there no other evidence, and there is vast other evidence, the vicious and hateful reaction of Zionists and their Neocon underlings is more than adequate proof, not just that 9/11 is an “inside job” but a Tel Aviv-based “outside job” as well.

With the current divisions in America, the aftermath of the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon incidents, both broadly accepted, even by the US military as “false flag” terrorism, the return of Ron Paul and his “populist” platform which had excited millions of Americans sick of Washington’s “business as usual” corruption, has threatened Israeli control over America.

Thus, “Israel Firsters” like Harmon, are receiving “marching orders” to destroy Paul and any that side with him, even to the point of labeling political independents and reform minded groups as terrorist organizations.

In fact, those lists have long been prepared by the ADL and SPLC and have been distributed among American security agencies and the “secret police.”

Calling the amalgamation of “alphabet soup” agencies, DHS, FBI, DEA, CIA, DIA, SEC, DVA, NRO, NSA, ICE, ATF and so many others anything but “secret police” is a waste of time.

The story behind Jane Harman, one of the agent provocateurs of the Israel lobby, goes much further than simply protecting Israeli spies.

From Wikipedia, clear accusations of involvement in espionage:

“In April 2009, CQ Politics, also quoting anonymous sources, said Harman had been captured on a National Security Agency wiretap prior to the 2006 elections, telling an “Israeli agent” that she would “waddle into” lobbying the Department of Justice on the AIPAC case. Harman ended the phone call, according to CQ, by saying, “This conversation doesn’t exist.”

According to CQ, then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales pressed Central Intelligence Agency Director Porter Goss to drop the agency’s investigation of Harman because he wanted Harman’s support during the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy about to break in the New York Times. Harman called the New York Times and urged them not to publish details on the program. Gonzales and Goss declined to comment.”

With Americans pushed to the breaking point, threats of gun confiscation and an acceptance that all or part of their own government is willing to sacrifice American lives in staged terror incidents, Ron Paul’s message, one he failed to convey during the election, may well be a powerful uniting force to move America onto an independent path.

The first stage, the smear campaign has started. The next step, millions of dollars, drug money, casino “skim” or Koch brothers’ oil speculation profiteering cash, money to buy off those around Paul, can be expected.

If that fails, other methods will be used, just as they were against Senator Paul Wellstone and his family.

Ron Paul and those of his institute, some with considerable experience in national security, are probably already aware.

In the last fifty years, no prominent American has stood up against Israel without dying in a plane wreck, mysterious car crash, committing suicide, often by shooting themselves several times at up to 20 feet away or ending up in prison.
Added Video Comments by: Stewart Brennan (World United News)

Owner of the World Trade Center, “Larry Silverstein” saying “Pull it” in reference to Building 7. It’s impossible to pull a building without months of pre-demolition work.

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