Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another general as head of CIA is 'disquieting'

Source: Press TV (US)

Ray McGovern, Former CIA Analyst, Washington D.C. told Press TV's U.S. Desk in an interview on Wednesday that the prospect of having another general as head of the CIA "was disquieting to say the least."

He said, "The last fellow we had was General Michael Hayden and he was the fellow that proved himself to our vice president by agreeing to violate U.S. law against eavesdropping on American citizens without a court warrant and so having shown that he had complete disrespect for the law, he was named head of the CIA after he was head of NSA. So generals generally do what they're told and often they have very little respect for the constitution or the Rule of Law so if Petraeus acts the same way as General Hayden acted, we are in for serious trouble."

McGovern went on to add that if Petraeus headed the CIA to the degree that CIA and Petraeus have influence, there would be no change.

McGovern continued, "If Panetta is moved to be Head of the Defense Department, there will absolutely be no change because Panetta is a lawyer. He is a creature of congress. He will simply do what lawyers do and try to justify and explain what the Defense Department is doing, just as he did at the CIA. There is no real evidence of a principled stand on anything and that includes things like torture, kidnapping and those kinds of things so Panetta is a very large disappointment to those of us who thought that when he came in to Washington again, that he would have a sense of integrity, that he would have a sense of respect for law."

McGovern said that Panetta served as a mouthpiece for the CIA and that now he would simply be a mouthpiece for the pentagon and for those that the pentagon cultivates, the so called military industrial complex which was one of the main reasons "these wars go on."

"There are many corporations profiteering from these wars. I don't say profiting, I say profiteering and that is the kind of situation that Panetta cannot be expected to address in any sensible way" McGovern concluded.

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