Thursday, April 14, 2011

'Saudis violate rights to stay in power'

A protester holds up a poster of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah during a demonstration in Baghdad's Sadr city on March 16, 2011, to show solidarity with the Bahraini people

Source: Press TV

The ruling family in Saudi Arabia commits serious human rights violations as it is the only way for the royals to hold on to power, says a political analyst.

“The only way they can stay in power is the fact that they rule by the sword. It is the only way to keep these regimes intact and in place,” Hesham Tillawi, the host of Current Issues TV and Radio told press TV on Wednesday.

Tillawi pointed out that the Western media ignore such rights violations and fail to incorporate these issues into their agenda.

“Why doesn't Anderson Cooper get on CNN and cry about those people in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It's because it does not fit into their agenda,” Tillawi explained.

Tillawi further pointed out that the regime in Riyadh is not representative of Saudi Arabian people because they were brought into power by the British government.

“That was done by the British. People forget about history and where all these Arab countries [regimes] came from. Saudi Arabia is not an exception,” the analyst noted.

Commenting on the uprisings in the Arab world, he said they [the uprisings] have been instigated by the United States and its Western allies to throw the whole area, including Saudi Arabia, into chaos.

“The United States and the Western powers are creating this whole thing; thereafter, they will end up harvesting the fruits,” Tillawi added.

On Wednesday, anti-government protesters once again took to the streets in Saudi Arabia to condemn the kingdom's military intervention in crisis-hit Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia deployed around 1,000 troops to Bahrain in efforts to help the long-time ruling al-Khalifa family crush the anti-regime protests.

Last month, a Saudi-based human rights group said that authorities arrested 100 protesters for taking part in or organizing anti-government demonstrations.

Human Rights First Society has also revealed that some of the detainees were subjected to both physical and mental torture.

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