Monday, April 25, 2011

Bahrain violates Geneva Convention

Doctors form a human chain at Salmaniya Hospital fearing an attack by riot police in Manama (File photo).

Sources: Press TV

Reports reveal that Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have been treating anti-government protesters in divergence with the Geneva Convention.

On Sunday, the forces launched a second raid in less than a week on an all-girls' school in the north of the country in line with the violent crackdown on the popular revolution the government is facing, a Press TV correspondent reported from Bahrain.

According to eyewitnesses, the Saudi-backed forces took away several teachers during the Sunday attack on a secondary school, located in the Hamad town in northern Bahrain.

Moreover the girls, who refused to attend a festival of the Al Khalifah family at the school, were taken out in the playground and beaten in front of other school children by the security personnel who had stormed the school, the Press TV correspondent added.

Earlier, it was revealed that Bahraini police had arrested over 35 doctors. They are still missing and their whereabouts are not known. They were picked up from the streets because they were treating the injured protesters. This all while the Geneva Convention guarantees medical care to people wounded in conflict.

Besides, all hospitals have been surrounded by roadblocks to prevent those injured from entering.

Rights groups say government forces have even raided hospitals and tortured doctors and patients as part of their efforts to suppress protests.

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