Saturday, May 5, 2012

Canada discriminatorily applies human rights act

Source: Press TV

Canadians have formed a citizen movement to put pressure on law enforcement agencies to apply the law consistently to all war criminals rather than selectively, Press TV reports.

One of the most vocal countries when it comes to war crimes and human rights issues, Canada has so far failed to arrest some international war criminals that frequently travel to the country.

In 2000, Canadian government enshrined the crimes against humanity and war crimes act to prevent Canada from becoming a safe haven for war criminals.

It has however failed to implement the law when it comes to international war criminals such as former US President George W Bush, his Vice President Dick Cheney and Benjamin Netanyahu who are well known for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This is while in 2009 the law was applied to an African war criminal in 2009 for his role in the Rwanda civil war.

Canadian citizens are now demanding authorities to apply the law consistently rather than selectively when it comes to applying it to some politicians.

Although Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson says that they are bound to the international treaties, others believe that the Canadian police department is acting against the known international norms by not arresting internationally known war criminals.

“The police chief is spitting on the rule of law, he is spitting on international treaties and he is also spitting on domestic law, Canadian Law, there is statute in Canada, the crimes against humanity and war crimes act, it was passed in 2000, its essence is to say Canada is not to be a haven for war criminals,” said Anthony J. Hall, Professor at the University of Lethbridge.

“International treaties oblige the police to arrest Mr. Bush. The convention against torture obliges Canada to arrest a foreign national suspected of involvement with torture, committed anywhere, against anyone when that person is found in Canada,” said Gail Davidson with the Lawyers against war.

The double standards practiced by Canadian authorities in applying the law fairly and consistently have sparked doubts about the ability of the country to avoid becoming a safe haven for selected international war criminals in future.

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