Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hugo Chavez ends 'successful' cancer treatment in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaking upon his arrival in Caracas on May 12

Source: Press TV

Venezuela’s President Hugo has returned home after 11 days of radiation therapy in Cuba, stressing he has successfully completed his cancer treatment.

Chavez arrived in the Venezuelan capital Caracas on Friday night, and gave a moving speech at Simon Bolivar International Airport, dispelling the rumors that he was dying five months before the country’s presidential election.

"I can tell you that in the last few days we successfully completed the radiation cycle, as planned by the medical team," he said.

"I come with great optimism that this treatment will have the effects we hope for, always asking God to help us and give us the miracle of life to keep serving," Chavez added.

The 57-year-old leader stressed that he would “rigorously” follow his medical advice in the coming days.

"But as the hours and days pass, I'm sure that with God's favor, medical science and this soldier's body, I will get back to where I must be, in the front line of the battle, alongside the Venezuelan people, promoting the socialist revolution," he said.

Chavez has had three operations over the past year to remove two tumors from his pelvic region.

Despite his health problems, Chavez is determined to win a third term in office in October's presidential election. However, his treatment has forced him to slow his daily routine and prevented him from actively campaigning.

Meanwhile, recent polls revealed that Chavez still has the overwhelming support of his people.

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