Friday, May 18, 2012

Homelessness on rise in Britain

Report says homelessness is on the rise in Britain

Source: Press TV

A new report shows the number of homeless people in Britain is on the rise while the problem is to be exacerbated by more cuts to the housing benefit in 2013.

The scathing report from the National Housing Federation, Shelter, and the Chartered Institute of Housing says: “The large increase in homeless acceptances and rough sleepers is deeply troubling”.

This comes as Britain’s work and pensions department is planning to save £18bn a year in benefit payments by 2014-15 through cutting housing benefit.

Moreover, it has been proposed that welfare benefits could be cut by another £25bn by stopping young unemployed people from claiming housing benefit and slashing housing benefit for those who live outside London.

“Ministers need to respond urgently to this growing problem, which could be exacerbated by further cuts to housing benefit in 2013”, warned the report.

Meanwhile, the Bank of England has warned of sharp increases in the cost of homeowners’ mortgages saying some of them will be “pushed over the edge”.

“The report paints a bleak picture … house building is down, homelessness is up and rents are increasingly unaffordable,” said Jack Dromey MP, Labor's shadow housing minister

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