Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vote for cuts or leave: UK PM to Greeks

Cameron warns Greeks against voting for anti-austerity left-wingers.

Source: Press TV

British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned the Greek people that they should leave the euro zone if they vote for anti-austerity left-wingers.

Speaking of a new legislative election in Greece which is to be held on 17 June 2012, Cameron said Greece’s new round of elections must be a referendum on whether the country should stay in the euro zone, reported The Sun.

“Greece is going to vote - it has to be absolutely clear there is a choice,” said Cameron.

“They can vote to stay in the eurozone and meet their commitments or they can vote to give up on their commitments and in effect give up on the eurozone. This must be a moment of decisiveness,” he added.

The new legislative election is to be held after a coalition government was unable to be formed in Greece following the election in May.

The Sun described Cameron’s message as “the toughest language yet from any EU leader.” Cameron’s tough warning came as British Secretary of State for Justice said the wrong Greek vote could hit Britain hard and the UK is “heavily exposed” to potential problems.


  1. Did Greece prepared for the whole thing? Business bankruptcies, political backlash, and market turmoil is something we do not want to happen in our economy.

    By: exchange rates

  2. Greece is a victim of the International fractional reserve banking cabal. Private Banks must be removed or they will destroy every community in Greece AND in every other country. Democracy must also be direct democracy by the people and not by corporate puppets that say they will speak on your behalf. Anyone claiming to speak for you is full of Sh**. The wealthy will do and say anything to keep the status quo of money master and debt slave in place. People all over the World need to rise up and remove their chains to this rigged system.


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