Friday, March 16, 2012

Cameron in hysterical delight over US stance on Malvinas

Source: Press TV

British Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed hysterical delight by his repeated use of the phrase ‘status quo’ in comments, which followed the US President Barak Obama’s saying Washington was content with the status quo in Las Malvinas.

“The US position is that they support the status quo, they don't argue against the status quo and that is very welcome. They are content with the status quo, they are not challenging the status quo,” said Cameron at Ground Zero in New York.

Cameron’s delight came after the two leaders met in Washington running a show of reassuring their commitment to the so-called ‘Special Relationship.’

This way, British officials could believe “that Britain is still Great Britain, still punching above its weight and playing Greece to America’s Rome, endlessly re-living the glory days when much of the world did our bidding,” as described by writer and journalist Matthew Carr.

Cameron’s hysterical delight is not unexpected considering concerns raised earlier by British officials over why the US remained silent on the issue of Malvinas islands and did not take sides with Britain.

Last month, Nile Gardiner, an aide to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, said the US did not understand “the difference between Great Britain and Argentina” after US Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson said Britain and Argentina were equal partners in the eyes of the US.

Gardiner also expressed worries over why the US “fails to express any support whatsoever for the UK, and remains silent” on the issue of Las Malvinas.

“Our position remains the same. This is a problem between two of our partners. We do not want to change our position,” Jacobson said on Las Malvinas in an interview in Peru last month.

Cameron has claimed that the US president has taken a U-turn saying Obama has reassured him that the US was content with the status quo.

Given the bigger picture that the US and Britain have tried to run a show of their commitment to the ‘Special Relationship’ and that prior to the meeting of the two leaders several reports said that they would discuss imposing further sanctions on Iran and supporting Syria’s armed rebels, Matthew Carr poses a question.

“Some might ask, for example, where America and Britain have acquired the right to decide what happens in Syria, Iran, Somalia or anywhere else,” asked Carr.

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