Monday, March 5, 2012

Britain will lose Las Malvinas’

Source: Press TV

One of Britain’s most senior military chiefs has warned that Britain would have to surrender the sovereignty of Las Malvinas to Argentina in case a military confrontation over the islands takes place.

Former commander of the Royal Marines Major General Julian Thompson said it would be the “end of story” if Argentina decides to engage in a military confrontation as tensions between London and Buenos Aires grow stronger.

Britain has categorically ruled out the possibility of negotiations over the sovereignty of the archipelago while its military might has been questioned from within the British army.

“The Argentines have a marine brigade. They've got a parachute brigade and some good special forces. All they've got to do is get those guys on to the islands for long enough to destroy the (RAF) Typhoon jets and that's the end of it,” said Thompson in an interview with the Times.

“You have got to take your own air support with you and you can't without a carrier. End of story,” said Thompson, who was the commander of land forces in the 74-day war between Britain and Argentina in 1982.

Britain’s Royal Navy will be without an aircraft carrier until HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is supposed to be operative by 2016, enters service.

Britain’s Royal Navy will be without an aircraft carrier equipped with fighter jets for 10 years because of the rising costs of the Ministry of Defense’s (MoD) projects, reported the Telegraph on 2 March.

Furthermore, former head of the British army General Sir Michael Jackson said earlier in January that it would be “impossible” for Britain to re-colonize the islands in a worst-case scenario.

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  1. A brave man who did his job in 1982 however there is more chance of the world coming to an end than Argentina attacking the Falkland Islands. In 1982 they had a very slight chance of success (with the duplicity of France) whilst in 2012 they would have none.

    The Major General could be making political points regarding the defense spending cuts which he is correct to make given the demands made on our Armed Forces.


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