Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UK drawing up anti-Syria plans

Source: Press TV

British Prime Minister David Cameron has chaired a meeting of the National Security Council aimed at devising new subversive plans for the future of Syria.

After the Western-Arab draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council failed being vetoed by Russia and China, Britain and other permanent members of the UN Security Council started to draw up new plans to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

The new plans began as the US government closed its embassy in Damascus and the British and French governments recalled their ambassadors to Syria.

The outcomes of the National Security Council meeting, chaired by Cameron, were measures including a freeze on Syria’s central bank assets and a new series of sanctions against Syria imposed by the European Union countries.

As the British foreign secretary William Hague called for Britain’s contact with the Syrian opposition to be intensified, speculations go viral that the British government will supply guerrilla forces with arms, logistics, and intelligence.

Prior to the National Security Council meeting, Hague briefed cabinet ministers on the possible plans being set for the future of Syria as he already expressed his anger over Russia and China’s veto.

This comes as thousands of Syrian people expressed their support for President Bashar Al-Assad as they welcomed Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov who is visiting Damascus in order to find “the swiftest stabilization of the situation in Syria.”

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