Wednesday, February 22, 2012

UK MPs endorse warmongering policies

Source: Press TV

British lawmakers have overwhelmingly rejected a motion at the House of Commons to rule out an invasion of Iran in line with their government’s warmongering policies.

The back-bench motion was initiated by Conservative MP John Baron and urged the British government to rule out the use of force against Iran.

In line with their government’s warmongering approach, members of parliament (MPs) voted down the motion with 285 ‘no’ votes, 6 ‘yeses’ and two abstentions.

The new sabre-rattling comes as the UK government is grappling with an economic crisis not seen since after the World War II with a ballooning budget deficit.

Earlier this month, a report questioned the UK’s capability to get involve in another adventurism like the one it carried out in Libya or elsewhere in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Britain would struggle to conduct another invasion like the one carried out in Libya and still sustain its other military commitments because of the impact of sweeping defence cuts”, said the report.

The report came as the UK government was preparing the ground along with its warmonger allies to wage another war against Syria or Iran.

Furthermore, the report said that there is a multibillion-pound black hole in the government’s defence budget as stipulated by the shadow defence secretary.

Jim Murphy, Labour's shadow defence secretary, said the cuts had downgraded Britain's military flexibility.

Meanwhile, Stop the War convener Lindsey German lashed out at lawmakers and pledged an intensive campaign by activists to convince MPs to end their "shocking" refusal to learn from the slaughter they helped to unleash in Iraq and Afghanistan nearly 10 years ago.

German’s approach was endorsed by Newport Labour MP Paul Flynn, who said that he would continue to oppose a war against Iran "at every opportunity."

“It would not be the first time in history that the minority had been proved right”, he said, adding that the Commons debate had been an opportunity to "look into the abyss of the unimaginable hell of a war with Iran."

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