Friday, February 10, 2012

British troops involved in Homs operation

Source: Press TV

An intelligence report has revealed that British and Qatari troops are leading armed terror gangs in the Syrian city of Homs in their bloody battle against civilians and the Syrian army forces.

According to the Israeli website, debkafile, which is known for links to intelligence sources, “British and Qatari troops are directing rebel ammunition deliveries and tactics in the bloody battle for Homs”.

The report said that Britain’s foreign spying apparatus, MI6, has established four centers of operation in the city with the troops on the ground paving the way for an undercover Turkish military incursion into Syria.

The debkafile site said the presence of British and Qatari troops in Homs topped the agenda of Tuesday’s talks between President Assad government’s officials and head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov.

Qatar makes little secret of supporting the Syrian opposition with cash, arms and political support.

But, the British new adventurism in Syria comes as a parliamentary report has warned that the British government will face huge financial problems if the military resolve to launch a military campaign on the same scale as the operation in Libya.

In 2011 Britain and France became part of NATO-led operations targeting Gaddafi regime in Libya.

According to official reports, Britain spent about €254mln on the military campaign in Libya. However, a publication in The Guardian at the end of last year contends that the Libyan campaign cost British taxpayers 1.75 billion pounds. This exceeds the originally planned sum by nearly sevenfold.

Given the situation, the British MPs have warned the government of David Cameron that it will face “difficult decisions” if it chooses to engage in yet another campaign. Nearly two billion pounds spent over the six months of the campaign in Libya could be more than the military can handle

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