Friday, April 1, 2011

US state of Ohio passes anti-union bill

The US Ohio's state Senate

Source: Press TV

Legislatures in the US state of Ohio have approved a bill to restrain the collective bargaining rights of some 350,000 public workers in the state.

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich said on Wednesday that he will sign the bill into law but did not indicate a specific date for the measure, Reuters reported.

The state Senate passed the bill in 17 to 16 vote. The state House of Representatives had earlier approved the legislation with 53 to 44 votes.

The bill takes away unions' right to negotiate healthcare, sick time or pension benefits. It also bans workers from going on strike.

The supporters of the bill argue that such measures are needed to balance state budgets and cut deficits.

On the opposition side, the Democrats consider the measure as a politically motivated attack in the name of budget cuts.

Similar legislation was recently passed in the state of Wisconsin, sparking mass protests during the past month.

Wisconsin has gained a lot of attention among the 37 states looking to curb union influence over state budgets.

This is while Ohio has almost twice the number of public sector union members than Wisconsin.

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