Monday, April 4, 2011

UK diplomats to meet Libya opposition

Source: Press TV

British Foreign Office has revealed that a group of UK diplomats was sent to Libya to visit the heads of revolutionary forces in the eastern town of Benghazi.

The diplomats arrived in Benghazi on Saturday under the leadership of Christopher Prentice, UK ambassador to Rome and former top-diplomat in Baghdad.

In a statement, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office announced, "It will build on the work of the previous team and seek to establish further information about the Interim National Council, its aims and more broadly what is happening in Libya."

Last Month, the Libyan revolutionary forces captured a group of UK diplomats, including special forces soldiers, in Benghazi before being freed and went back to Britain.

Gaddafi's forces have killed several Libyan civilians during the fighting and the US-led military alliance has also admitted that its forces have killed dozens of civilians and injured several others in the continuing airstrikes on key Libyan cities.

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