Friday, April 1, 2011

'Gaddafi forces use Israeli weapons'

Libyan opposition forces display weapons seized from Gaddafi forces manufactured in Israel.

Source: Press TV

Libyan revolutionary forces have found evidence showing that government forces are using Israeli bombs and rockets against them, a report says.

The opposition forces in the Libyan city of Misratah displayed weapons that they have seized from the forces supporting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Al Jazeera reported Thursday.

They said that some of the confiscated rockets and bombs had signs imprinted on them, clearly indicating that they are manufactured in Israel.

Meanwhile, US-led NATO airstrikes killed dozens in Libya on Thursday as clashes continued between revolutionary forces and government troops in an area between Brega and Ajdabiya.

NATO is now in full command from the US of all Libyan operations. NATO's chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said arming the rebels against Gaddafi's regime is beyond the scope of the Western military alliance's operations.

Reports say that US and British agents are scoping out targets for airstrikes and assessing how to assist revolutionary forces.

This comes as there are reports that French diplomatic representatives and a US diplomatic envoy have met with the opposition leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi. The exact topic of the talks remains unclear.

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